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Did Susan Rice fired by Biden? Following the resignation of the Domestic Policy Adviser, conspiracy theories have taken over the internet.

Was Susan Rice fired by Biden

After two years, US President Joe Biden announced Susan Rice’s departure. He discussed her role as a crucial domestic and national security adviser in two administrations. Biden also praised her for her work on healthcare and immigration. US President Joe Biden declared on Monday that Susan Rice, the homegrown strategy consultant for the White House, is leaving following two years. While featuring her huge status as a primary homegrown and public safety consultant in two organizations, Biden recognized her work on migration and medical care.

Susan Rice


Did Susan Rice fire Biden?

When Biden was VP, Susan Rice worked for then-President Barack Obama as the US’s envoy to the UN and the public safety council. ” Susan’s record of public service “makes history as the only person to serve as both Domestic Policy Advisor and National Security Advisor,” Biden stated.

Biden claims her appointment to oversee domestic objectives “surprised many people.” He idolized her work on medical services, firearm and police change, understudy obligation, youngster care, and movement, among different subjects. The decision is being made as Biden gets ready to declare his candidacy for reelection on Tuesday officially.

The Democrat has faced opposition on the issue after promising to reverse nearly all of the restrictive measures implemented by his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump. The problem is likely to come up again during the 2024 official race. Rice assumed a persuasive part in forming Biden’s migration strategy, leaning toward additional prohibitive measures at the U.S.- Mexico line. On social media, Republicans have begun spreading the absurd claim that Susan Rice was fired from her position as Biden’s domestic policy adviser. Another unsubstantiated claim follows here. Susan Rice has decided to resign. She had previously disclosed to coworkers that she intended to stay for two years when she joined management. She made this decision beforehand, which had nothing to do with how well she was doing her job. In this, Joe Biden didn’t fire Susan Rice; it is only an unverified story.

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