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Who was Saint Von Colucci? The Canadian Actor Saint Von Colucci Dies at 22

Who was Saint Von Colucci

Saint Von Colucci was a Canadian actor who was 22 years old. He passed away at a South Korean hospital on Sunday morning due to complications from multiple plastic surgeries. He was 22. Saint Von Colucci, a Canadian actor, passed away early Sunday morning at a hospital in South Korea. He had multiple plastic surgeries last year to make himself look like BTS star Jimin. For a role in a forthcoming television series, Colucci was reportedly attempting to imitate Jimin. He was 22.

Saint Von Colucci


Who was Saint Von Colucci?

Saint Von Colucci was a Canadian actor who was 22 years old. According to TMZ, to portray the South Korean star in a forthcoming streaming show, he underwent 12 plastic surgeries. He created, among other things, jaw implants, nose jobs, facelifts, lip reductions, eyebrow lifts, and eye lifts. As per his marketing expert, Colucci fostered contamination from one of the jaw inserts. First finished in November 2022, he underwent a medical procedure to eliminate them on Saturday late evening following the confusion. Colucci had to be intubated because the surgery did not go as planned. He died hours later.

How did Saint Von Colucci die?

According to TMZ, the actor had spent up to $220,000 on the surgeries. The report also says that Colucci wanted to proceed with the procedures even though he knew the risks. The report says he tried to make a V shape from his square jawline and chin. In 2019, Colucci relocated from Canada to South Korea to enter the music industry. He always felt self-conscious about his appearance, and in his Western eyes, “discrimination” was why he didn’t get roles. His publicist added that the television series Colucci was interested in, Pretty Lies, finished in December and will air on a major streaming network.

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