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Demon Slayer: Who Is Zohakuten? The Most Powerful Form Of Hantengu Is Yet To Be Revealed

Demon Slayer; image credit - Fiction Horizon

As both Upper Moon demons have moved, Demon Slayer the third season is finally approaching the main battles. But the focus of Episode 3 was Hantengu’s intrusion in the Swordsmith Village as well as his strange Blood Demon Art talent.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer; image credit – Fiction Horizon

Demon Slayer: Entry Of Hantengu

Muichiro Tokito as well as Tanjiro were seated in the room when Hantengu crept in covertly. But while Hantengu was being beheaded, the demon slayers began their attack after recognizing the great threat. Fans, however, witness Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art for the very first time when he split into clones from the chopped off parts, much to everyone’s horror. The clones also had different personalities and skills, and they were as powerful as an Upper Moon demon.

Demon Slayer: Blood Demon Art Of Hantengu

Hantengu can split into multiple clones with various skills and characteristics because of his Blood Demon Art. Each of his shapes represents a different emotion. In Demon Slayer Season 3, Zohakuten, the strongest form that combines all the previous forms, is an embodiment of wrath. Sekido, Karaku, Aizetsu, & Urogi were the four demonic figures that surfaced. Since each of these four demons possesses the strengths of an Upper-Rank demon, they are all capable of causing Tanjiro, Nezuko, as well as Genya, to suffer greatly. And each of them stood for a different sensation that Hantengu experienced. Hantengu’s creation, Zohakuten, combines all four of his clones. Zohakuten appears like a child & is shorter than the four clones, who have more masculine features. He has small, orange eyes that are inscribed with the kanji for ranks four and upper. Additionally, because of his status as a Hatred Demon, he frequently has a furious frown on his face as Sekido does.

Demon Slayer: The Most Powerful Form Is Zohakuten

In addition to being the strongest among all the forms of Hantengu, Zohakuten was also the smartest. Tanjiro almost fainted at his gaze of him due to his scary aura. Even Tanjiro, Nezuko, Genya, as well as a significant Mitsuri working together, couldn’t do more than delay him till dawn before killing him. Zohakuten was able to use the Blood Demon Arts of every form because he was an amalgamation of all the other Hantengu clones. Additionally, he also has his Blood Demon Art. All the vegetation around him is made of wood, which he can manipulate to make incredibly potent weapons.

Zohakuten can transform wood into five enormous dragon heads that can reach a length of 20 meters, move at exceptionally high speeds, and destroy anything in their path. Each wooden dragon can also unleash devastating lightning strikes and powerful sound waves that can take out even the most powerful demon slayers in a single blow. In addition, Zohakuten can produce sound waves using his mouth. Even with her Demon Slayer Mark activated, Mitsuri, one of the greatest Hashira, was overcome by that and became unconscious.

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