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Who were Barry Humphries 4 wives? Is Barry Humphries still married to Lizzie Spender?

Barry Humphries Wife Lizzie Spender

Barry Humphries was a notable Australian actor, comedian, author, satirist and drag artist.

Barry Humphries was well-recognized for his writing and acting his stage and television role Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson.

Barry Humphries acted in many stage, television shows and films.

Where did Barry Humphries died?

Barry Humphries died suddenly on Saturday 22 April 2023. Barry Humphries was 89 years old at the time of his death. Barrie Humphries died following complications from hip surgery at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Barry Humphries suffered some serious injuries after a fall in February. The death of Barry Humphries was announced by his wife, Elizabeth Spender.

Barry Humphries Death

GH Gossip

For bringing the absurdist and Dadaist humor to millions, Barry Humphries Anne Pender described Humphries in 2010 as not only “the most important dramatic figure of our time … [but] the most important comedian to emerge since Charlie Chaplin”.

Barry Humphries’s birth name was John Barry Humphries.

Barry Humphries was born to Eric Humphries and Louisa Humphries in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Barry Humphries’s date of birth is 17 February 1934.

Barry Humphries did his studies at Camberwell Grammar School, Melbourne Grammar School, University of Melbourne, and Melbourne University Regiment.

Who is Barry Humphries wife Now?

Barry Humphries was a married man. Barry Humphries’ wife was Elizabeth “Lizzie” Spender. She is a former actress and is best known as the daughter of British poet Sir Stephen Spender and concert pianist Natasha Spender.

Barry Humphreys and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Spender married in 1990. Barry Humphries was married to Elizabeth for the fourth time and was married to Elizabeth “Lizzie” Spender until his death.

Who were Barry Humphries 4 wives?

Barry Humphries married four times. Barry Humphries’ first three marriages did not last long and got divorced.

Barry Humphries first married Brenda Wright in 1955 when Barry was 21 years old. After two years of marriage, Barry and Brenda Wright divorced in 1957.

Barry Humphries married Rosalind Tong in 1959. After ten years together, Barry and Rosalind Tong divorced in 1970.

Barry Humphries married for the third time to Diane Milstead in 1979 and divorced ten years later in 1989.

Barry Humphries was married for the fourth and last time to Elizabeth “Lizzie” Spender in 1990 and until his death in 2023.

How many children does Barry Humphries have?

Barry Humphries have four children- Oscar Humphries, Tessa Humphries, Emily Humphries, and Rupert Humphries.