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Demon Slayer: Who Is the True Upper Moon Six?

Upper Moon Six
Source: friction horizon

The Twelve Kizuki were a group of twelve Demons who followed the objective of locating the Blue Spider Lily in the land of Demon Slayer. Muzan Kibutsuji founded and directed the organisation, and Muzan controlled the demons who comprised it.

Gytar Was The First Upper

Moon six. While Daki and Gytar held the status of the Upper Moon Six, Gytar was the primary holder while Daki was the secondary holder. This implies that Gytar was the “true” Upper Moon Six at the time. When both of them died, Kaigaku took their place as the single holder of the position.

Gyūtarō Was The “True” Upper Moon Six

Daki was introduced to the plot as a member of the Twelve Kizuki and the Upper Moon Six, a position she shared with her older brother, Gytar. She masquerades as an oiran and works as a courtesan in the Entertainment District to provide a steady source of revenue for their master Muzan, to whom she is dedicated, but she also lures and devours his victims.

Her Blood Demon Art also gave birth to Obi, an alter ego into which Daki divided her power and who is literally her own belt that binds or consumes her victims like a constrictor snake and can come to life.

Upper Moon Six

Source: friction horizon

As an Upper-Rank Kizuki, it is extremely difficult to cut her neck: in her case, she protects it by softening it, making it the consistency of a strip of flexible fabric; additionally, even if the decapitation succeeds, his bond with her brother allows her to regenerate, which means that they must be decapitated at the same time in order to be killed successfully.

She was an honest, naive little girl whose unique attractiveness, notably blue eyes, drew people’s attention. Her brother, who was malformed and unattractive even as a human, shielded her.

Gyutaro is reassuring. According to Muzan, Daki Daki’s older brother, Gytar, was the “true” Upper Moon Six. Sharing the same body as his sister, who is in trouble after being damaged by Nezuko and Tengen Uzui, he appears in front of the Sound Hashira to protect and lead his younger sister in the fight. In contrast to the latter, whom he is very protective of and whose beauty he works hard to preserve, which gives him personal pride, his own appearance is aberrant and unpleasant, which feeds his hate against this Hashira, who has cornered his sister and personally has everything to please.

After Daki And Gytar Died, Kaigaku Became The New Upper Moon Six

The Upper Moon Six seat was vacant for a short time before Muzan assigned it to a new bearer, the Demon Kaigaku. What was his name? Kaigaku was one of the Twelve Kizuki who became the Upper Moon Six after the murders of Daki and Gytar in the Entertainment District. Kaigaku was an orphan taken care of by Gymei before becoming a Demon, but the other youngsters expelled him for taking the temple of its money.

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