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One Piece: What Is King’s Secret? Queen Revealed King’s Secret

One Piece: What Is King's Secret?
One Piece; image credit - Sportskeeda

The anime adaptation of One Piece is now concentrating on the Wano arc, and the manga is in its final stages. The battles between Sanji and Zoro are watched by the audience in the anime. Queen reveals King’s secret to Sanji, and Zoro realizes a significant aspect of his background.

One Piece

One Piece; image credit – Fiction Horizon

One Piece: New Sword Enma

A new sword named Enma was revealed a few chapters ago, and since then, fans have developed a variety of beliefs regarding it. Zoro fights King in a recent episode, but he has trouble keeping up. He observes that King hasn’t yet utilized his wings but is perplexed as to why. Zoro suddenly starts losing power as Enma draws it out of him. Episode number 1060 of One Piece is titled “Secrets of Enma! The Cursed Sword Entrusted to Zoro.” It might once more center on Zoro and King’s conflict. Zoro thinks back on his youth spent in a dojo and recalls an enigmatic figure who offered him sword-related advice. Fans can anticipate watching how Zoro will employ this knowledge to unleash Enma’s full power and carry on with his conflict with King. On April 30, 2023, One Piece Episode 1060 will be made available. On the day of the episode’s release, Crunchyroll will have it available, and the next day, Funimation will have it available for viewing. Within a few hours after the issue’s release, the episodes with English subtitles will most likely be available.

One Piece: Queen’s Revelation

In the most recent One Piece episode, Queen revealed to Sanji that King harbored a secret when they were fighting. King and Zoro were having a heated argument in the interim. So, as Sanji’s friend was engaged in battle with one of his most difficult opponents yet, Sanji learns a crucial detail about King that seemed to give Kaidou’s ally a significant advantage over Zoro. Although we have already talked about the struggle involving Zoro and King, we will inform you what King’s “big secret” was, or what Queen informed Sanji regarding King’s very essence.

One Piece: King’s Secret

King’s main secret, as Queen revealed to Sanji, was that he belonged to the incredibly strong Lunarian race described in the One Piece canon. In general, not much has been referred to about the Lunarians. Even still, they are seen as being highly significant and powerful, that’s why Queen believed that this would give King an advantage over Zoro. In One Piece, the Lunarians are a rather mysterious group about which not a lot is known. the King and how being a Lunarian affects his skills and abilities, as well as about this fascinating species whose part in the story is unquestionably vital, despite its lack of prominence.

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