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Roger Reister: Where is Lynn Reister’s Husband Now

Roger Reister: Where is Lynn Reister's Husband Now

Rodney and Roger Reister were both sentenced to life imprisonment for their roles in the murder of their sister-in-law. Both are currently serving their time.

Who Is Roger Reister?

At an Army tavern in Germany, Roger Reister first met Lynn Reister, with whom he later fell in love and had a brief relationship. He even managed to win over Lynn’s family and friends, who all supported their union because they knew he would make Lynn happy.

While in Saudi Arabia, Lynn was in charge of the Army’s air defense artillery, so she didn’t get many chances to see her family. As a result, she started aggressively trying to quit the Army to spend more time with her family.

After Lynn’s return from Saudi Arabia, Roger persuaded his brother Rodney Reister to stay with the family in El Paso for a few months. Furthermore, Roger reportedly asked Rodney to leave after he became aware of the fights.

While doing so, Lynn became pregnant again, and Roger also tried to patch things up with Lynn. As a result, no one anticipated Lynn to be brutally murdered in her home alone after everything appeared to be returning to normal.

Roger originally admitted to the police that he was not there when the murder occurred and had returned to find his wife utterly lifeless. However, Rodney brought up the possibility that Roger had killed Lynn on her initiative because she appeared to fancy a girl named April Lamphere.

On the other side, forensic investigators discovered a palm print on the victim’s arm that was an exact match for Rodney Reister. So, after seeing the proof, Rodney reluctantly admitted, but he insisted that his brother Robert had given him the order to kill Lynn. 

Then several of Roger’s friends said he wanted Lynn dead, with two saying he had offered them money in exchange for killing the Army Captain. Therefore, without hesitation, police detained Roger and Rodney Reister before accusing them of murder.

Where Is Rodney Reister Now?

Fascinatingly, Roger entered a not-guilty plea to the allegations against him, and Rodney declined to testify against his brother in court.

He was found guilty on four counts of criminal solicitation, but the jury held a different opinion. Roger received four life sentences in prison with the chance of parole in 2001.

Because he is currently held at the TDCJ Memorial Unit in Brazoria County, Texas, Roger Reister won’t be eligible for release until 2031.

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