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Park Yoo-Na and Jang Dong-Yoon’s upcoming film Long D

Park Yoo-Na and Jang Dong-Yoon’s upcoming film Long D

The release date of Park Yoo-na and Jang Dong-yeon’s forthcoming movie, Long D, has been scheduled for the 20th of April.

This movie also unveiled several fresh shots of the cast interacting and embracing one another. Long D tells the story of two teenagers who uphold affection for one another while living apart when they turn 30.

The film will highlight how partners can keep in touch with each other using smartphones and various forms of networking sites.

Audiences of Korean dramas are anticipating the next movie because it will highlight the benefits and downsides of the generation’s distant relationships.

The movie’s name is related to Long Distance. The film Long D will follow Park Yoo-Na as she portrays band singer Tae-in. 

 Park Yoo-Na and Jang Dong-Yoon’s upcoming film Long D

Image Source – Pinkvilla

Long D movie review

In the soon-to-be-released movie Long D, Jang Dong-yoon will portray Do-ha and Park Yoo-Na in Tae-in’s characters.

Long D shows how Do-na establishes a connection that involves a singer named Tae-in while taking place at a time when people constantly have access to their cell phones. Eventually, he shifts from admiring Tae-in to falling in love with her.

The couple has numerous obstacles and disagreements when attempting to communicate while they continue to date.

Do-na attempts to strike the right balance between his personal and professional lives, yet the singer maintains an exciting existence full of thrills at all times. Tae-in, played by Park Yoo-na, is forced to choose between her desires and realities to drive ahead in her life.

The couple in the movie lived the latter part of their 20s together before beginning a distant relationship once they entered their 30s. They are compelled by their professional lives, without which they wouldn’t support themselves.

The duo will be seen at peace with one another in the recently released shots while donning face masks as a sign of their affection. In other clips, they are on a sofa, dressed casually, and taking a few beautiful recollections.

Others depict the two of them savoring a mini date at a coffee shop while looking sharp and wearing elegant clothes while taking pictures. In various pictures, both are chatting and consuming beverages outdoors. The female protagonist is gazing fondly at her companion.

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