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Why Was Paradzai Mesi Arrested And Charged?

Paradzai Mesi
Source: polygon

The frontman of the Njerama Boys and well-known artist from Zimbabwe, Paradzai Mesi, recently made news of an awful event. Recently, Paradzai Mesi has made headlines in the wrong ways. It’s assumed that Mesi drank beer before the incident, which could have affected his judgment.

Who Is Paradzai Mesi?

Paradzai Mesi has had a noteworthy career in the music business for many years. He became well-known in the 1980s and continued to play a significant role in Zimbabwean music far into the 2000s.

Recent financial and emotional problems have ruined Mesi’s music career and reputation. He has been accused of ignoring his family and underpaying the band members. A lack of funding and support has also made it difficult for him to put out new albums and perform live.

Why Is Paradzai Mesi Arrested?

Paradzai Mesi

Source: polygon

Mesi, who is from the Mazowe District, has always been passionate about music and has worked tirelessly to build a solid reputation as an artist. In addition, Mesi and Patricia Kapadza have seven children together and have been happily married for a number of years. The singer also has four additional kids from earlier unions.

Paradzai Mesi, a Zimbabwean musician, is currently embroiled in a massive issue following his arrest for shoplifting. According to reports, Mesi frequented several pubs in Henstone Farm the day before the event and had been drinking heavily. Mesi is alleged to have been drunk when he took the goods by witnesses, and one of them claims that Mesi was encouraged to steal by pals.

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