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Five K-pop Stars, From Moon Bin To Goo Hara, Passed Away At A Young Age

Moon Bin
Source: CNN

People have been intrigued by the vibrant and opulent K-pop world since since the Hallyu wave (craze for Korean pop culture) began to sweep the globe. However, some ills like strict body image standards and cyberbullying lurk behind the surface of the carefully produced attractiveness and relatability.

Moon Bin Wasn’t The Only K-pop Star To Depart Away Too Soon

K-pop boy band idols Korean culture has been rocked by the death of Astro member Moon Bin. The 25-year-old idol’s manager discovered him dead in the early hours of the morning in his flat in southern Seoul. Moonbin, the primary dancer, lead singer, and focal point of the band, is far from


The lead vocalist of the well-known second-generation boyband Shinee was Kim Jong-hyun. He was sent to the hospital in a state of cardiac arrest after being discovered unconscious inside a flat in Seoul in December 2017. He was identified as dead. He had only turned 27 when he passed away. According to reports, he absorbed poisonous smoke or vapours as several burned coal briquettes were discovered on a frying pan inside the flat.


Who knew that her radiant smile, which earned her the moniker “One Million Dollar Smile,” could conceal such tragedies? Sulli, sometimes referred to as Choi Jin-ri, was the female group f(x)’s visual.


Source: CNN

Her manager, who was also her brother, discovered her body hanging in her flat. She had a history of panic disorder and severe depression before she passed away. In addition to having stunning aesthetics, Sulli was one of the few vocal feminists in K-pop. She vocally endorsed Comfort Woman Day in 2018 in remembrance of those who were subjected to sexual slavery during the Japanese occupation.

Hara Goo

Just a few weeks after Sulli’s passing, Goo Hara’s untimely death left the Korean pop scene in ruins. Former member of the girl group Kara, Goo Hara. Her boss discovered her body in her Gangnam flat. Goo left a suicide note, thus there was no wrongdoing. In May of that year, the idol made an attempt on his life, but he ended up recovering in the hospital. The celebrity was involved in a legal dispute with her ex-boyfriend, Choi Jung-bum, who was threatening to leak some private photos of her and blackmailing her.

Woo Hye Mi

The singer-songwriter, also known by her stage name Miwoo, was discovered dead soon after her debut EP (short album) dropped in 2019. Miwoo reportedly did not show up to the press conferences for the music video for her single and did not return calls. Woo Hye Mi had to be moved from one agency to another since she was experiencing some career issues.

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