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Who Is Playing the Character of New Eadgifu In Seven Kings Must Die?

Eadgifu In Seven Kings Must Die
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Seven Kings Must Die, the Netflix adaptation of The Last King, has been a huge success, but some viewers have noticed a casting change in the actress who plays Queen Eadgifu.

Is Elaine Cassidy Replacing Sonya Cassidy as Eadgifu?

Elaine Cassidy, an Irish actor who is 43 years old replacing Sonya Cassidy, who played Eadgifu, King Edward’s third wife, in the 5th season of The Last Kingdom. In Seven Kings Must Die, Eadgifu tries to protect Edward’s sons Edmund and Eadred from their half-brother Aethelstan.

Eadgifu In Seven Kings Must Die

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Although actress Elaine Cassidy is replacing actress Sonya Cassidy, the two actors are not related. Sonya Cassidy played Queen Eadgifu in the original series, however, she does not appear in the movie. Sonya appeared in the fifth season of The Last Kingdom, but she was unable to shoot the film Seven Kings Must Die.

Elaine is All Set To Play The Role of Eadgifu

As the character arc reached its natural conclusion, Elaine was recruited to assume the role of queen. The Digital Fix previously heard from Sonya that she was glad that her story will at least continue, and she would have done it happily in another world, however, unfortunately, she was unable to do so.

Cassidy has played many roles in the past, including starring alongside Cillian Murphy in the film Disco Pigs, which was based on the well-known play by Enda Walsh. She portrayed the character of Maud Lilly, the protagonist, in the BBC adaptation of Fingersmith by Sarah Walters, starred in the atmospheric horror film The Others, and she has appeared in numerous stage and screen period dramas, including Les Liaisons Dangereuses at The National Theatre.

More recently, Cassidy portrayed DS Dinah Kowalska on Channel 4’s No Offence, Louisa, Matthew de Clermont’s evil sister, in A Discovery of Witches, and a young girl’s mother in the feature film The Wonder alongside Florence Pugh.

Elaine Has Starred In Various Other Series

Fans of “The Last Kingdom:” however, may need some time to adjust to the new Queen Eadgifu in “Seven Kings Must Die,” a significant portion of the series’ cast returns to conclude the arcs of their characters. Elaine Cassidy shouldn’t look any different from Eadgifu if you’re familiar with British television. She has appeared in dozens of shows, including “No Offence” and “A Discovery of Witches.”

Most of late, she showed up as Rosaleen O’Donnell in “The Marvel,” which additionally circulated on Netflix. She appears alongside Florence Pugh, who portrays the character of Lib, an English nurse who travels to an Irish village to supervise a young girl who, according to reports, has not eaten in four months but is still healthy. Elaine is her mother, and she plays her mother in the movie, which is fitting.

Given that the movie “Seven Kings Must Die” is meant to be the show’s final act, likely, Elaine Cassidy won’t go into “The Last Kingdom” world again. There are a lot of other historical dramas with a lot of action and political intrigue if you’re looking for more shows like it.

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