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What happened to Olga Tsvyk? Viktoria Nasyrova, a Russian woman, attempted to poison a double with cheesecake.

What happened to Olga Tsvyk

It was a bold, insane plan that resulted in death and ended in the imprisonment of its architect. Viktoria Nasyrova was sentenced Wednesday to 21 years in a US prison for stealing her identity after trying to kill her American double with her poisoned cheesecake and handed it down. The 47-year-old was convicted by a New York jury in February, with a judge calling Nasirova a “hazardous woman” and unleashing her crooks.

Olga Tsvyk

Sick Plan:

Indeed, Nasyrova and her victim and eyelash stylist Olga Tsvyk had a lot in common. Both were Russian. Both had dark hair with the same skin tone and looked strikingly similar. But the similarities end there. The two were friends, and Zvik regularly fixed Nasirova’s lashes. Nasyrova visited her unsuspecting Tsvyk home in August 2016 and brought her cheesecake home as a gift. The woman ate the dessert, making her feel sick and lose consciousness. The next day, her sister found the victim unconscious.

Her pills were strewn around her to make it look like she had tried to kill herself. When the victim returned home from hospital treatment, she found missing her passport, work permit, jewelry, and other valuables. According to the prosecutor’s office, police tested the cheesecake and found it was laced with phenazepam, a powerful tranquilizer. Nasirova left his DNA in a cheesecake box and spoke about the incident in his prison interview. Victims looked like ‘vegetables’ after poisoning.

History of drug use and attempted murder:

This wasn’t the first time Nasirova was charged with substance abuse and murder. In fact, she has a dark past that includes claims that she killed and burned the bodies of her Russian neighbors before fleeing to New York in 2014. A red notice was issued to Interpol for the arrest. The woman’s daughter testified at the trial and said her mother had called Nasirova a “nice neighbor” before the murder. Another witness, An American man, claimed Nasirova drugged him after they met on a Russian dating site in 2016. He woke up three days later in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. “He cried to sleep for hours thinking about what had happened to him,” the victim said.

Hefty sentence:

According to the New York Post, Judge Kenneth Holder gave a harsh sentence, calling Nasirova a “hazardous woman” and saying her plans were “diabolical.” When she was taken out of court on Wednesday, Nasirova turned to the judge and appeared unrepentant, saying she was “freaking out” before the sentence of her ex-boyfriend Tsvyk, 35. spoke in court about the impact her near-death experience had on her. “God gave me life when Victoria Nasirova tried to end my life. 

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