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Broussard murder-suicide? husband shot and killed his wife before killing himself

Broussard murder-suicide
Source: Facebook

Eric Baineaux, a resident of Broussard, shot and killed his wife Katherine Mashburn, said to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office. What happened in Broussard’s murder-suicide case? Let’s check the details; keep reading.

The Intriguing Broussard murder-suicide Case: 

Broussard murder-suicide

Source: Facebook

On Monday, this shooting event happened in Lafayette, Louisiana. Eric Babineaux, 53, and Katherine Mashburn, 51, were both victims of this tragic event. 

According to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office, both were found dead in a murder-suicide case that is going under investigation. The law enforcement agencies said they were summoned to a home in Broussard. 

According to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office, a Broussard resident woman named Katherine Mashburn was killed by her estranged husband. The name of the husband was identified as Eric Babineaux. 

The reason behind increasing murder-suicide in the US:

In recent years, there has been an alarming increase in murder-suicides in the United States. This phenomenon occurs when an individual kills one or more people before taking their own life. It is a tragic and devastating act that leaves families, communities, and even entire nations grappling with why.

Several factors contribute to the rise in murder-suicides. One of the most prominent is mental illness. Many perpetrators of these crimes suffer from depression, anxiety, or other psychiatric disorders, making them feel hopeless and desperate.

In some cases, these individuals may have a history of violent behavior or a desire for revenge, which can fuel their actions.

Social Media Tributes:

Broussard murder-suicide

Source: Facebook

Beatrice Touchet

I am beyond devastated to share the news of Katherine’s death. No! I’m not okay. Not only was she “My Boss”,  but she was truly a special person in my life.

Katherine Mashburn – We will keep it going from here. Fly high and enjoy seeing your daddy again. Please watch over us. 

Buster Graham

Just when the family was finally back together again and things couldn’t have been any better, my last words to her were “” l Love You Katherine” and she told me the same …may she Rest In Peace 

Beth Vilyus Venable

Hug your loved ones tight and appreciate each and every moment that you have with them. RIP sweet Katherine Mashburn.  This life was taken way too soon. No one will ever understand how this could happen.

Hugs to family and friends especially to Bonnie, Malorie Jewell Vincent, Drake, and Michelle Mashburn Arabie.  Katherine was an amazing mom, dear friend, and the best room mom ever!

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