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The Story of Zeus: From One of The Homies of Big Mom to Being Nami’s Permanent Partner

The Story of Zeus: From One of The Homies of Big Mom to Being Nami's Permanent Partner
The Story of Zeus: From One of The Homies of Big Mom to Being Nami's Permanent Partner

Anime is known for its unique and intriguing character development and interesting backstories, which makes the plot even more mesmerizing, detailed, and complex. The Manga of “One Piece “isn’t any different, and the character of Zeus is one such character with a lot of depth. 

How did Zeus meet Nami? 

The story of Zeus joining Nami started in Totto land when the straw hats ambushed and defeated Big Mom. Brook’s attack severely weakened Zeus, and this led to his capture.

He was taken to Nami’s Ship, where she forced him to serve her by threatening to harm him otherwise. Later, when Kurozumi Orochi chases the characters of Robin in the Wano country. 

Nami, in response, releases Zeus, who unleashes his lightning bolts on him. After two weeks, when it was time for the night of the fire festival, Nami and her companions Carrot and Shinobu were discovered by Prometheus, who alarmed Big Mom. This terrified Zeus and made him run away with the women.

Nevertheless, they were apprehended and brought to a place where Kaido was speaking. On being asked by Nami whose side he was on. Zeus said in reply that she would be unable to stop the Big Mom from bringing him back.

As Nami tried to free themselves using Zeus’s thunderbolt, he apologized and hit Big Mom in the face with a punch from Franky. An enraged Brook cut Zeus in half, which caused Big Mom to escape from Marco and was helped by Zeus to reach the palace.

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Big Mom wanted to kill Zeus. 

They finally reached Kaido, located on the island’s top. Here he recharged himself by agglomeration of clouds while overhearing the conversation between the emperors. Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kidd, and the killer arrive on the scene.

A furious scuffle follows; unable to face the attack by two emperors, Law locks up Zeus in a metal box made by Kidd with his powers.

He tries desperately to free himself from the box, finally gets free, and rushes to rescue his owner. Law teleports Zeus to the castle’s second floor, where Sanji asks him why he is not with Nami. But he flees instead, eventually finds Big Mom, and catches up with her. 

It should be clear at this point that Zeus had changed loyalties. He turned hostile towards Nami after being caught in the fire festival now that he was trying to regain his position as the homie with Big Mom, but little did he know what was in store for him; he was in for a surprise, too, and everything was about to change.

He realized that Big Mom planned to replace him and that she was with a new cloud buddy. This made him realize and recognize Nami, but as he had broken her trust, he dismissed him rudely, Karma! 

Zeus begged Big Mom to spare his life and not kill him. However, the empress did not need him, and Prometheus reprimanded him.

The empress asked Hera, his replacement, to eat him and grow stronger. His failure and difficulty at the battle of Onegashima made her replace him with another homie called Hera. The empress tried to remove her soul fragment from Zeus.

Nami saves his life 

As options were scarce for Zeus, as he was about to die, he tearfully apologized to Nami for his betrayal. He confessed to being a coward before her creator for not opposing her orders, and now he promised to sacrifice himself for her sake. He pleads to Nami for help.

In his desperate efforts, he attacked Big Mom after being released from her control, but he’s caught and now his soul was used to feed the other homies. Nami decided to save him and threw the Black balls at him, which were supposed to provide him with energy and vitality and help him escape. 

It was successful as his soul joined the Clima-Tact. Just before his soul was consumed by a chance of fate, his soul transferred to the Clima-Tact. This enabled him to expand and attain different shapes, and he became a new and significant weapon in Nami’s arsenal. 

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