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What Happened With Yusuf Nazlioglu That Lead to His Death?

Who Killed Yusuf Nazlioglu?
Image source- Daily

The previous night, the wife of a notorious Lone Wolf criminal who was allegedly shot to death in the parking lot of his apartment block almost met the same fate.

Know What Happened To Yusuf Nazlioglu?

On 27th June of the year 2013, it is alleged that Yusuf Nazlioglu was shot as he drove his Mercedes into the basement of his apartment block in Rhodes, which is in the southwest of Sydney. His significant other Jade, to whom he had just been hitched four months, was sitting in the front seat at that point and madly called the police.

Nazlioglu was reportedly shot about ten times and taken to the hospital, where he passed away quickly. It is believed that 24 hours earlier in the parking lot, Jade narrowly escaped the same fate as her husband. CCTV footage shows the gunmen getting out of their vehicle and heading toward the Mercedes, believing Nazlioglu to be inside. The gunmen were allegedly lying in wait.

Who Killed Yusuf Nazlioglu?

Image source- Daily

The alleged murder took place in a Mercedes, Range Rover, and Volkswagen, all of which were later set on fire. In February 2018, Comanchero bikie boss Mick Hawi was shot and killed outside a Fitness First Gym in Rockdale, according to underworld sources. Together with his friend and fellow Lone Wolf member Ahmad Adam Doudar, Nazlioglu was charged with the murder of Hawi.

Who Killed Yusuf Nazlioglu?

The Daily Telegraph was told by sources that the gunmen fled when they saw Nazlioglu’s wife get out of their Mercedes. Mohammed Hosni Khaled was dragged from his Blair Athol, Sydney, home on Wednesday morning by heavily armed police. Khaled was arrested and taken to the Campbelltown police station, where he was charged with planning and coordinating the murder of the Lone Wolf bikie.

After allegedly fleeing the crime scene in a hatchback, Khaled is said to have burned the getaway vehicle before escaping on a scooter. The police do not claim that Khaled was the one who shot and killed Nazlioglu. According to reports, on February 22, Khaled was charged with acquiring a firearm despite a prohibition order against firearms.

In November of last year, while carrying out a search warrant, the weapon was discovered. However, there is no indication that Nazlioglu’s death was caused by the gun. Strike Force Claypinch and Taskforce Erebus detectives executed two additional search warrants at homes in Mt. Pritchard and Kemps Creek following Khaled’s arrest.

During the raids, detectives seized cannabis, cash, electronic devices, and other items for forensic analysis. The man, 25, was denied bail so that he could appear at Campbelltown Local Court later today.

What The Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty Said?

According to Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty, the police will assert that Khaled conducted surveillance on Nazlioglu for several weeks before his alleged murder in a gangland attack.

Mr Doherty said that this was a coordinated wrongdoing murder, broadly arranged and coordinated wrongdoing murder. He added that his team will allege that the accused participated in other activities on the day of the murder and the day after the murder, including burning out one of the vehicles that were used, in the weeks leading up to the murder, coordinating vehicles, and assisted in surveillance of the target.

Who Killed Yusuf Nazlioglu?

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His statement read that it will be alleged that the accused and another person then used an e-scooter to leave the area where the last vehicle was set ablaze in the southwest Sydney area. Mr Doherty said Khaled’s capture was a significant leap forward and guaranteed individuals supposedly liable for the assault had complete negligence for Nazlioglu’s better half.

Moreover, Mr Doherty also stated that it was evident that those responsible had complete disregard for the safety of, not only her but also others who may have been in the nearby vicinity.

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