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Is Dolores Catania with Paul Connell? Is Dolores with Paul are still together?

Dolores Catania Boyfriend Paul

Dolores Catania is a famous television personality, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

Dolores Catania is well-recognized as a lead cast member of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”.

Dolores Catania is being seen in the show since 2016 from the 7th season.

Prior to working on “The Real Housewives”, Dolores Catania worked as a shampoo girl, waitress, realtor, corrections officer, and surgical assistant.

Dolores Catania also owns a fitness franchise and runs a home with her ex-husband.

Dolores Catania appeared in several independent projects such as Breaking Points and Around the Sun with Brad Forenza.

Dolores Catania was voted by Bravo fans in 2018 as “Miss Congeniality” among all Real Housewives syndicates.

Dolores Catania Age


How old is Dolores Catania?

Dolores Catania’s full name is Dolores Spagnola. Dolores Catania’s birth date is 28 December and her birth year is 1970. Dolores Catania’s age is 52 years.

Dolores Catania was born to Lawrence and Valerie Spagnola in Paterson, New Jersey, U.S. Dolores Catania has a brother Louis Spagnola and three sisters- Laura, Tonya, and Valerie Spagnola.

Dolores Catania is of Italian and Irish descent. Dolores Catania’s nationality is American.

Who was Dolores Catania Husband?

Dolores Catania’s marital status is divroced. Dolores Catania husband was Frank Catania.

Dolores Catania and Frank Catania married on 16 September 1994.

Dolores Catania and Frank Catania have two children- one was born in 1995, whose name is Gabrielle “Gaby” and second was born in 1998, whose name is Frank “Frankie” III.

Frank Catania ended their marriage in 1998 when Dolores Catania was 9 months pregnant.

Who is Dolores Catania Boyfriend Now?

Ever since Dolores Catania’s divorce from Frank Catania, Dolores’ fans have been curious about her love life and have been asking a lot of questions- Is Dolores Catania with Paul Connell? How Long Have ‘RHONJ’ Star Dolores Catania and Paul Connell Been Together? Is Dolores with Paul are still together?

According to the report of US Weekly, Dolores Catania and Pauli are dating since December 2021. In 2022, Dolores Catania and Pauli officially announced their relationship on their Instagrams on Valentine’s Day. And since then the couple shares photos together.

Dolores Catania ne started dating maternal-fetal medicine specialist David Principe in 2017. After four years of being in a relationship, in 2021, Dolores and David announced their separation and ended their relationship.

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