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What was the Cause of Death for Natalea Mumaw? 

How did Natalea Mumaw die

Natalea was the current Teenage Miss Majorette of West Virginia and a past Miss Tygart’s Valley’s Outstanding Teen. Her untimely passing has devastated her family, friends, and community.

How did Natalea Mumaw die1


What Caused Natalea Mumaw’s Death?

On April 16, 2023, Natalea Mumaw died in a traffic collision on the Hume Highway north of Goulburn. According to reports, the crash involved two automobiles travelling in the highway’s northbound lanes, and Natalea was a passenger in one of them.

Despite the tremendous efforts of rescue personnel, she died at the site of the collision. Her untimely demise stunned her family and the whole neighbourhood.

Death of Natalea Mumaw:

Senior at Saint Mary’s Natalea Mumaw perished in a car accident over the weekend. The precise reason for the accident is unknown, but it resulted in Natalea’s unfortunate and untimely death.  Natalea Mumaw died in a vehicle collision on the Hume Highway north of Goulburn, according to the source. Her death has grieved her friends, family, and the whole town, all grieving.

The school has organised a candlelight vigil in honour of Natalea Mumaw, a former senior who died in a vehicle accident over the weekend. Mumaw was a baton twirler in the high school marching band.

According to the municipal administration’s official Facebook page, the vigil will be on Tuesday at 9 p.m. at the Saint Mary’s Marina. Mumaw’s terrible death has elicited passionate tributes and condolences from people who knew and loved her on Facebook.

Natalea Mumaw, Who was She?

Natalea Mumaw, a 2005 graduate of Grafton High School in West Virginia, has always loved to dance and twirl. Her parents, Mark and Julie Mumaw reared her with her elder sister Mallory and younger brother Noah in a loving household.

Natalea was a member of the Grafton High School band and the West Virginia University Marching Band as a majorette. Her dedication and skill as a majorette won her the Teenage Miss Majorette of West Virginia title in 2022. She was also a two-time state winner in West Virginia.

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