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Jaywalker Loses Her Life After Being Struck By A Public Bus

Source: CNN

Around lunchtime yesterday, a female jaywalker was killed after being struck by a public bus close to the busy Oriental Pearl roundabout (Rotunda da Amizade) on the peninsula’s northeastern shore. The woman had no identification on her, thus her name, age, and other personal information were not immediately known.


Source: CNN

What Happened?

The woman was hit by the public bus while jaywalking on Avenida da Ponte da Amizade yesterday at around 12:30 p.m., according to comments from the Fire Services Bureau (CB) and the Public Security Police (PSP).

The Friendship Bridge was being used by the TCM No. MT3 route bus as it made its way from Taipa to the peninsula. The woman was struck by the bus on Avenida da Ponte da Amizade, which is close to Rotunda da Amizade and serves as a gateway to and exit from the Macau-Taipa Friendship Bridge.

When firefighters and paramedics arrived on the scene, they found the man unresponsive and without a pulse. The woman allegedly suffered head injuries and was bleeding from her mouth and nose.

After emergency efforts to preserve her life had failed, she was sent to the public Conde de So Januário Hospital Centre where she was pronounced dead at around 2:00 p.m. The precise reason of the collision is the subject of a police inquiry.

Statement Of TCM

TCM said in a statement yesterday that the driver slammed on the brakes hard when he saw the woman trying to jaywalk by clambering over water-filled barriers on the avenue, but he was unable to stop in time.

The bus driver reportedly passed a breathalyser test, according to a TCM statement. The statement further emphasised that the driver was operating the vehicle “normally” both before and at the time of the collision.

The document claims that the driver began working for the business in 2006. The statement further emphasised that the driver was in good health after passing his annual physical examination last year.

According to the statement, TCM will completely assist the police in determining the precise cause of the accident. The dead family received sincere condolences and regrets in the statement.

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