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Who is Tiffany Smith? YouTube star’s mom accused of abusing young content creators in $22M civil case

Tiffany Smith
Source: NBC News

Recently, teen YouTube star Piper Rockell’s mother, Tiffany Smith, was accused of abusing content creators. Her daughter’s co-creators charged Smith with emotional, Sexual and physically abused. She will face all the accusations in Court on Monday. 

Tiffany Smith

Source: YouTube

Eleven co-creators of Piper Rockelle sued Tiffany Smith last year. They sued Tiffany because they didn’t get a sufficient amount for their work, and she abused him in different ways. 

The complaint was filed last year in January 2022. According to this, smith is accused of “harassment, molestation and abuse,” NBC News reported on this issue, and according to NBC, the trial will start on Monday.

The suit alleges the mother of Rockell made her reputation of a “mean-spirited control freak”. They also blamed Smith for “were not only sexually inappropriate and confrontational but often reprehensible and even illegal,”.

All former “Piper Squad” members who worked for her daughter’s YouTube channel are demanding around $22 million for the damage. They also include Hunter Hill, the boyfriend of Smith, who worked in the production of Piper’s channel. 

In the complaint, Smith was accused of shocking comments about the teen’s genitals. Allegedly she asked one teenager how long his penis was while asking some other that she was flat-chested. 

In a strange instance, one of the plaintiffs said she mailed her daughter’s undergarments to an unknown man because “old men like to smell this stuff”. She was also accused of touching the teen’s thighs, legs, and buttocks inappropriately. 

During the shooting video, she encouraged the teens to look more sexually aggressive and forced them to stage romantic during the video, as reported in the lawsuit. According to NBC News, the preplanned romantics were crushed, as seen on YouTube channels, eventually leading to online bullying between the creators. 

Ashley Anne-Rock Smith told the news house that her two daughters worked on more than 100 videos for Rockelle also; she is the cousin of her daughters; now she said, “I just want peace back with my kids,” 

The lawsuit alleges that the Smiths never compensated them, and she used all the participants to promote her daughter’s YouTube channel. After all this, nine “Piper’s Squad” members left the channel and made their own YouTube channel.

Tiffany Smith

Source: YouTube

But the members get significantly fewer views and subscribers because Smith used inappropriate ways to limit the reach. According to the plaintiff, Smith and her boyfriend deliberately flagged the videos as inappropriate and embedded their link to some porn sites, so eventually, for some time, the channel was restricted by YouTube. 

After all of this, they all missed a chance to make more revenue, as told by the plaintiff in the lawsuit states. According to NBC News, Smith Countersued former members of the channel for $30 million in July; Smith blamed about plaintiff’s mother for extorting money by making lies and some other inappropriate ways. But shortly, he dropped the case. 

The plaintiffs’ lawyer representing the case called the Smith’s claims “baseless”. At the age of 9, Smith’s daughter became an online sensation. 

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