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My Hero Academia Chapter 385: Tokoyami And Hawks Are In Great Peril In Gunga 

My Hero Academia
Source: otakucart

On Monday, March 16, at 12 a.m. JST, Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 20 released My Hero Academia chapter 385. The UA grounds, Kamino, and the ongoing conflict in Gunga were all focal points of the issue. Both Stain and the Todoroki family appear in this chapter.

My Hero Academia

Source: otakucart

The Impulses Of Youth

Gigantomachia defied his former master despite being able to withstand Shinso’s quirk in the previous episode. At Gunga, a number of reporters arrived and helped with the live coverage of the conflict. The chapter featured characters from the three anime movies, solidifying their status as canon. The title of chapter 385 of My Hero Academia is “The Impulses of Youth”.

A map of Gunga showing the locations of the many battles and the players is shown at the beginning of My Hero Academia chapter 385. All for One continued to age while Mount Lady and Tokoyami suppressed him while he used a new quirk to destroy Mount Lady and disintegrate Tokoyami’s Baldr. He observed that his young physique lacked the discipline needed to control his many eccentricities.

He approached the unconscious Tokoyami and was stopped by a wounded Hawks. When AFO saw the helicopters crammed with reporters, he made fun of Hawks and hinted at the heroes’ impending failure. When Mineta attempted to stop him from stealing Tokoyami’s quirk, he finally turned around and headed in the direction of UA after remembering that they were fools he shouldn’t be wasting his time on.

Kendo And Tetsutetsu

One of AFO’s spies continued to cause havoc despite La Brava assuming control of the evacuation tunnels; he was eventually captured by Gunhead, but not before forcing a roof to collapse on Kendo and Tetsutetsu. Death Arms intervened and rescued them both, recalling how Midoriya had attempted to save Bakugo from the Sludge Villain and how his body had also reacted on its own. Shoto Todoroki persuaded Tenya Iida that it wasn’t finished when they returned to Kamino. Stain was displayed hiding in the shadows on a structure close to the pair.

According to My Hero Academia chapter 385, AFO’s ability to operate is further constrained by the fact that the more often he utilises his quirk to treat his wounds, the quicker he ages. Even if he manages to reach UA, it is unlikely that he will be able to wrestle Shigaraki for control at this point. Tokoyami, on the other hand, is in a worrying situation, and both Hawks and Tokoyami are worse for wear.

Dabi was essentially presented as Stain’s devoted follower. He wants to put his principles into practise. I’m curious to see if he can convince Dabi to change his ways or not. Shoto said, “It’s not over yet,” which I assume refers to his greatest effort during the fight.

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