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Who Is Jeremy David Hanson? Man Made Threats To Shoot And Bomb Merriam-Webster’s Refusal To Use Gender-Inclusive Language

Jeremy David Hanson
Source: Yahoo News

On Thursday, Jeremy David Hanson received a prison term of one year and one day. In 2021, he made threats to bomb and shoot individuals at Merriam-Webster Inc. His actions, according to the FBI and the prosecutors, were driven by hatred.

What To Jeremy David Hanson Happened?

According to the prosecution, Californian Jeremy David Hanson was given a one-year and-one-day prison term on Thursday for making bomb and shooting threats against Merriam-Webster Inc. According to reports, Hanson threatened to “shoot up and bomb” the dictionary’s headquarters in 2021 because it utilised gender-inclusive language in its “Contact Us” section. He also termed them as Marxists.

Who is Jeremy David Hanson?

Jeremy David Hanson

Source: Yahoo News

Californian Jeremy David Hanson, 34, is a man. The US Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts gave him a prison term of one year and one day. He was accused in April 2022, and in September of that same year, he entered a plea to two charges of communicating threats of violence across state lines. Hanson threatened the president of the University of North Texas in addition to the dictionary firm in Springfield, Massachusetts.

According to court records, Hanson threatened the university president in an email in March 2022 after students demonstrated against a political candidate who sought to outlaw medical procedures for transgender children. “I will personally come to your university and begin murdering the oppressive leftist staff and students there. He stated in the email, “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat. Threats against the LGBTQ community were motivated by prejudice and bigotry, according to the FBI and the prosecution. According to Marissa Elkins, Hanson’s lawyer, she should spend another four months in jail given the time she has already served and other credits.

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