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School In The Denver Region Closes After 3 Teachers Passed Away

Denver area school closes after 3 teachers die
Source: Bravewords

A high school in the Denver region was forced to close this week after two of its instructors passed away, at least one of whom had signs of bacterial meningitis. Following the passing of teacher Madelaine Schmidt, Eaglecrest High School in Aurora cancelled Tuesday night sports and activities as well as Wednesday classes, citing a need for “excessive caution.” According to the public school’s website, Schmidt was a teacher in the Integrated Learning Centre (ILC). She also coached girls’ football at a high school. Schmidt, 24, exhibited symptoms compatible with the sickness, according to the neighbourhood health department. According to health authorities, signs and symptoms can include a sudden, high fever, headache, stiff neck, nausea, or a dark purple rash.

According to the county’s public information officer, Anders Nelson, “the Arapahoe Public Health Department is closely collaborating with the Cherry Creek School District, sharing information, and working together to perform contact tracing.” According to school spokeswoman Lauren Snell, classes and athletic and extracurricular activities started back up on Thursday. When the linings of the brain and spinal cord become infected from meningococcal illness, it is known as meningitis. Saliva and spit, two respiratory and throat secretions, are used in their transmission.

Reports Of Two Further District Fatalities

Kelly C. Lear, a pathologist with the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office, revealed that another instructor who collaborated with Schmidt at the same school also passed away over the weekend.


Source: bravewords

According to a statement made on Wednesday, Judith Geoffroy, a 63-year-old paraprofessional in the Integrated Learning Centre, passed away, albeit an official cause of death had not yet been determined. Lear stated in the statement, “The causes of their deaths are under investigation; the presence or absence of bacterial meningitis will not be established until those additional test findings are complete. Despite working at a separate school, a third teacher in the district also passed away over the weekend, according to Snell.

In What Ways Is Meningitis Treated?

Ages 16 to 23 can receive the vaccine, according to the CDC. Antibiotics are used to treat meningococcal disease, but “as soon as possible” must pass before treatment begins, according to the CDC. Supports for breathing, drugs to treat low blood pressure, surgery to remove dead tissue, and wound care for skin damage are among further treatments. The CDC estimates that 10 to 15 meningococcal illness patients per 100 will pass away. One in five persons who make a full recovery may experience long-term problems include limb loss, brain damage, and deafness.

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