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Who Was Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead? Son Matthew Whitehead Passed Away At The Age Of 11

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead
Source: tvguide

Matthew Whitehead’s mother is Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead. She claimed she killed him because she didn’t want her son to grow up experiencing the family’s financial hardships. She faces a first-degree murder charge.

When he discovered his kid passed away on Tuesday morning, his father called the police and reported the event. Read all about Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead’s son Matthew Whitehead, his passing, and her accusation of first-degree murder in this article.

Who Was Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead’s?

By 2023, Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead will be 50 years old. Recently, she was accused of first-degree murder. because she killed her own child, claiming that she did so because she didn’t want her son to grow up seeing the family struggle financially.

She used a belt to choke him to demise. The boy’s body was discovered on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. She also admitted to strangling her 11-year-old son in order to prevent him from growing up in poverty to detectives. In the master bedroom, where he had spent the previous night with his mother, his father discovered his body.

Additionally, his father found that the bedroom was locked, and that both his wife and their SUV had vanished. After killing her child, she allegedly fled her home and travelled 120 miles to Cape May, New Jersey, where she is accused of having abandoned her SUV into the water.

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead

Source: tvguide

Cause Of Demise Of Matthew Whitehead

Only 11 years old, Matthew Whitehead was a young boy. His mother killed the man. His mother killed her own son, claiming that she did it so that he wouldn’t have to deal with the family’s financial hardships. His dad discovered his body.

The Mother Is Accused Of First-Degree Murder

She used a belt to strangle her 11-year-old son, according to the prosecution, because she didn’t want him to experience the family’s financial hardships as he grew older. She is fifty-years-old. According to The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, she was charged with the murder of young Matthew Whitehead after the boy was discovered dead inside his Horsham home Tuesday morning.

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