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Wisconsin shooting Update: Who are Emily Breidenbach and Hunter Scheel?

Wisconsin shooting Update

Two Wisconsin officers were shot and killed on Saturday afternoon while conducting a traffic stop northwest of Cameron. The slain Chetek and Cameron police officers are revered as heroes by their families. To learn more about Hunter Scheel and Emily Breidenbach, the Cameron and Chetek police officers who were killed during a shootout, keep reading this article.

Wisconsin shooting

USA Today

Wisconsin shooting Update:

The two police officers, identified as Emily Breidenbach and Hunter Scheel by family members, were from the Wisconsin cities of Cameron and Chetek. They were shot and killed while performing a traffic check. The heroic actions of both police officers were praised. They were described as officers who were committed to the communities they served and who showed compassion and caring. Videos of the officers interacting with the public and kids in both situations have been made public. They died while performing their duties on April 8, 2023. The Wisconsin Department of Justice reports that the suspect also passed away.

One community member wrote in a post that featured a photo of the two police officers side by side and their badge numbers, “It’s been an honour working with both of you. “Both are such great police officers, and both are so motivated. Each of you was incredibly passionate about what you did and always ready to help. Both 608 and 614 are already terribly missed. The suffering your loss has brought about for society cannot be adequately expressed in words.

Who are Emily Breidenbach and Hunter Scheel?

Her LinkedIn profile shows Breidenbach served as a Chetek officer for four years and a Stoughton officer. She held various positions in asset protection for Cabela’s, Kohl’s, and Macy’s stores in Green Bay and Madison. She obtained degrees from UW-Green Bay and Northcentral Technical College. In 2019, Breidenbach was given a Sunshine Award by WEAU-TV. She chose a career in law enforcement after her father, a former police chief in Pardeeville, Wisconsin, did. Officer Emily Breidenbach of the Chetek Police Department merits a Sunshine Award.

She has been an excellent person in every way. “Emily always wants to stop and shoot the breeze with you, or if she is sitting, watching the traffic, she will take time out and chat, and I think that is very lovely of her,” Tessa Anderson wrote in a letter to WEAU. “Emily always makes me feel better with her smile or upbeat, positive attitude, no matter how bad my day is. To any questions I have, she always has the solution. I want to thank Emily for our friendship, her help, and many conversations. If I ever needed help, she would be the one with whom I would feel the most comfortable talking.

What Happened in the Wisconsin Shooting?

At around 3:38 p.m., a Chetek police officer pulled over and stopped a car. m. , by a statement from the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The press release claims that the driver and officers briefly exchanged gunfire. It was determined that the police officers from Cameron and Chetek had died. After being taken to a hospital, the driver eventually passed away. The shooter’s and police officers’ identities have not yet been made public, and an investigation is still being conducted into the specifics of the incident. The DOJ has not responded to inquiries regarding the event. 

The investigation is On:

The investigation into the incident is being led by the Division of Criminal Investigation. A website that records such killings nationwide, this incident would mark the second and third officer deaths in the line of duty. in Wisconsin this year. In Wisconsin, no officers were killed while performing their duties in 2022. This year, the second officer fatality in Wisconsin occurred just two months ago when Milwaukee Police Officer Peter Jerving was killed while attempting to apprehend a suspect in Milwaukee.

In that incident, gunfire between several police officers and the fleeing suspect resulted in the deaths of Terrell Thompson, the suspect, and Jerving. The Cameron and Chetek police departments are in the Barron County Sheriff’s Department’s thoughts and prayers, the department posted on Facebook. The Barron County community, the families of the two officers killed today while performing their duties, and the Village of Cameron Police Department are all in our thoughts and prayers tonight, the Marinette County Deputy Sheriff’s Association wrote on Facebook. “The families, friends, and the Chetek Police Department will receive our sincere condolences on the passing of Hunter Scheel and Emily Breidenbach.

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