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Who Is Robert Heikka? After 3 Year His Car Was Found With A Body

Robert Heikka
Robert Heikka; image credit - Fox News

On October 26, 2020, Robert Heikka, a school teacher at Creekside Middle School in Port Orange, was declared missing after skipping school. The missing man’s submerged automobile and a body inside the vehicle were discovered in a canal off the Pioneer Trail nearby New Smyrna Beach, Florida, on Saturday, April 8, 2023, almost 3 years after he vanished.

Robert Heikka

Robert Heikka; image credit – Fox News

Robert Heikka’s Car Was Found

The car that belonged to vanished middle school educator Robert Heikka was reportedly found six miles from his home on Saturday, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. During a recent and considerable drop in the canal’s water level, the automobile was reportedly discovered by volunteers from the Sunshine State Sonar Search Team & Recon Dive Recovery.

FBI’s Inquiry On Robert Heikka

Heikka, a teacher at Creekside Middle School since 2002, is said to have lived alone. Since then, several law enforcement organizations including the FBI have been looking for the missing instructor’s location for years before the volunteer search and rescue team discovered his car in a canal. Because of the high water levels, they had previously searched the region without success. The team’s choice to research the region, however, paid off after the water level had dropped because it eventually brought them to Heikka’s automobile.

Disappearance Of Robert Heikka

Robert Heikka, age 70, was last seen departing from his residence in the Waters Edge neighborhood of Port Orange, Florida, on October 25, 2020. On October 26, he failed to arrive to work at Creekside Middle School, at which point his disappearance was reported. Police reported that on October 25, Heikka conducted a regular withdrawal at an ATM in adjacent Brevard County not long before going missing. Heikka was confirmed missing on October 26, a day after he was last seen, according to the Sunshine State Sonar Search Team. This happened after a worried staff member from Port Orange’s Creekside Middle School visited his house to see how the teacher who hadn’t shown up for work that day was doing.

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