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Who is Serif Zorba? Man accused of stabbing Imam Sayed Elnakib.

Who is Serif Zorba

Sayed Elnakib, a well-known imam, was stabbed in the back while leading prayers at the Omar Mosque in New Jersey on Sunday, April 9, 2023, at about 6 am local time.

Serif Zorba


Who is Serif Zorba?

Serif Zorba, a 32-year-old suspect, has been named. The imam was taken right away to a local hospital. At the service where the stabbing occurred, about 200 people were in attendance. According to surveillance footage, Zorba stabbed Sayed Elnakib and then turned and fled out the door. Before the police arrived and arrested him, the worshippers held him. Elnakib, 65, suffered some severe wounds.

In contrast, the medical facility deemed him stable. Serif Zorba is detained in the Bergen County Jail and accused of attempted murder and weapons offences. It was said that he had previously visited the mosque. Serif Zorba stabbed Sayed Elnakib, a well-known imam, in the back at the Omar Mosque.

Serif Zorba accused of stabbing Imam Sayed Elnakib:

At the Omar Mosque in Paterson, the imam presided over Fajr prayers when the tragic incident occurred on April 9, 2023. Imam was stabbed in the back by a man who charged at him. The incident was captured on surveillance footage, which revealed the same thing. Sayed Elnakib, age 65, and his liver were hurt. A mosque representative also confirmed this. However, it was determined that the imam’s condition was stable. In the mosque for the Ramadan prayer service, Zorba could be recognized as a 6-foot-3-inch man dressed in a white hoodie. He attacked Elnakib in the back, caught on surveillance footage, as everyone knelt and bowed. They restrained the attacker, who had just shot their beloved Imam Sayed Elnakib, without worrying about their safety. Zorba was taken into custody by New Jersey State Police agents.

The assault on Sayed Elnakib allegedly took place shortly after the start of the morning prayers, according to a community member named Sikander Khan. The imam had to have surgery due to the assault, Khan added, and he continued: “He was unknown. The reason for his action is unknown to us. He would enter, sit apart from everyone else, and avoid making eye contact”.

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