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Is Les Gold Dead or Alive? Fact check on the American pawnbroker

Is Les Gold Dead or Alive? Fact check on the American pawnbroker
Image Source - Pkb News

The American Pawnbroker, Les Gold, has been rumored to have passed away after a TikTok went viral regarding the death of Les Gold.

Who is Les Gold?

Les Gold is an American reality television personality and pawn shop owner. He is best known for his role in the TV show Hardcore Pawn which aired on truTV from 2010 to 2016. Gold and his family ran the Detroit-based pawn shop American Jewelry and Loan in the show.

He is a successful entrepreneur, author, and reality television star. He was born and raised in Oak Park, MI, at 73 years old.

He began his career in his father’s pawnshop at the tender age of 7, where he used to help his father out. He then later started his pawn shop named American Jewelry in 1978.

The shop was featured in a reality TV show called “Hardcore Pawn,” aired on truTV in 2010. The show featured him and his family and how they dealt with the customers and the items they had and acquired through pawning. 

The pawnbroker has been married to Lilli Gold since 1975 and has two children, Ashley and Seth. 

Is Les Gold Dead or Alive? Fact check on the American pawnbroker

Image Source – Sportskeeda

Why is Les Gold trending right now?

Les Gold has been trending these days on the internet due to a viral statement that was released and circulated. Since Sunday, news has been circulating throughout the internet stating that Les has passed away.

The rumor started after a TikTok video went viral. The video was posted by a user, @thecomelis, who claimed that the American Jewelry and Loan founder had passed away, with the caption “R.I.P. Les Gold 1950-2023”. The video had about 210k views.

A similar post on Twitter was also posted with a link to a CBS news story. Several fans have since thought the report may need to be revised. 

Les Gold death rumor debunked:

However, it was confirmed that Les is alive and well. No official source confirmed his passing, only a rumor that had left the Pawn Star fallen into a death hoax. 

The rumor was confirmed to be indeed false and not legit. The pawnbroker is alive and living with his family members. 

Les Gold himself later dispelled the rumor in a TikTok he made with his son Seth on Monday, addressing the rumors regarding his death. 

He stated in the video, “As you can see, I’m not dead” He also included in the TikTok how appreciative he was about the heartfelt comments that were made and how concerned people were about his death.  Even though he has retired from his business, it is still successfully operating.

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