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Succession season 4, episode 3, media mogul Logan Roy death

Succession season 4, episode 3, media mogul Logan Roy death
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Logan Roy, a conservative media mogul in the hit series, Succession, has now died at the age of 84.

Who is Logan Roy?

Logan Roy was a character in the ongoing TV series, Succession, where he was the founder and CEO of the media consolidation Waystar Royco. He is the patriarch of the Roy family. 

Logan Roy was portrayed as a very selfish, ego-centric, cunning, and intelligent man. He was a self-made man who was unafraid of emotionally damaging his opponents, including his family. 

Logan had an aura that exuded power around him. He also understood what made other people tick and often used this as an advantage against them. 

Logan was a very proud man who valued money, and his ruthless nature and way of handling business have always affected his family life.

Overall, he is a very power-hungry man who always hurts people to get what he wants and has no remorse for what he does. 

It was also implied in the series he had been abused in childhood. He also treated his children like employees rather than his children and sometimes outright manipulated or commanded them to heed his wishes.

Succession season 4, episode 3, media mogul Logan Roy death

Image Source – the Atlanti

What happens in the episode?

The story of season 4, episode 3, shows “Connor’s wedding”, in which all of his children learn about his death through a phone call. It was claimed that he had died after a fatal collapse on a jet crossing the Atlantic. 

This comes as a big shock to all of the siblings, gradually becoming a shout of acceptance. From their place on a boat, all the 3 siblings have absolutely no control over the situation.

All they could do at that time was try to think of ways to keep the news from the press.

Logan’s death- like removing the king from the board of chess.

Even though the show has implied several times about the depleting health of Logan Roy, and also the fact that the show’s name is “Succession”, still seeing one of the key characters of the show die suddenly really came as a shock, not only to the viewers but also the characters of the show. 

Many of the show’s characters, mainly his children, ’re in denial and refuse to accept that he has tragically passed away. Roman, one of the siblings, manically refuses to accept the news and claims that maybe it was a big test by him. 

The writers and the director put the viewers in the position of Roman, who keeps repeating that it may all be a test and they don’t know if the news is true.

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