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How long has Nicky Buckley been married? Is Nicky Buckley still married?

Nicky Buckley Husband
Daily Mail

Nicky Buckley is a famous Australian television presenter as well as a model.

In the early 1990s, Nicky Buckley made a name for herself as co-host of The Australian dating show “Perfect Match” with Greg Evans.

Nicky Buckley served as host for the “Sale of the Century” television quiz show with Glenn Ridge in the mid to late 1990s.

Nicky Buckley worked as a part-time weather presenter for the Night Network’s “National Nine News Melbourne” in 1994.

Nicky Buckley also appears on “Dancing with the Stars” on the Seven Network.

After finishing the “Sale of the Century” show, Nicky Buckley and Murray Bingham presented “Hot Box Office” on NW Foxtel Pay TV. Later, the ‘Good Morning Australia’ April family and parenting announcement was made on the Nine Network, ‘Today’ on Network Ten.

In 2006, Nicky Buckley hosted “Talk to the Animals”.

In 2013, Nicky Buckley served as a fill-in presenter for Mornings with Sonia Kruger.

In 2022 Nicky Buckley co-hosts Melissa Levi and Matthew Ferguson a revelatory podcast show on aging called Oldie Goodie.

Nicky Buckley Age


Who is Nicky Buckley Husband?

Nicky Buckley is a married woman. Nicky Buckley husband is Murray Bingham.

Nicky Buckley and Murray Bingham married several years ago. The couple has three sons. Nicky Buckley’s son Cooper Allen was born in 1997.

The couple is still together and living their life happily with their family.

How old is Nicky Buckley?

Nicky Buckley’s real name is Nicole Maree Louise Buckley. Nicky Buckley’s birth date is 25 November and her birth year is 1965. Nicky Buckley’s age is 57 years. Nicky Buckley was born to her parents in Australia.

How long has Nicky Buckley been married?

Nicky Buckley and Murray Bingham were probably married in 1996 or 1997. Nicky Buckley has been married to Murray Bingham for 30 years.

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