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Peter Murrell, Nicola Sturgeon’s husband, was released without charge after being arrested

Nicola Sturgeon
Source: Republic World

Nicola Sturgeon’s husband, Peter Murrell, has been released by the police. In this article, we’ll learn more about Nicola Sturgeon and this case; keep reading.

What happened with Nicola Sturgeon’s husband:

Nicola Sturgeon


Peter Murrell, a former SNP chief executive and former first minister Nicola Sturgeon arrested by police on Wednesday. 58-year-old Murrell arrested an an allegation of party finances. Police searched SNP’s headquarter and his Glasgow home as part of the investigation.

While on another side, Ms Sturgeon said that she had no information about this plan of police. According to Scotland police, Mr Murrell arrested early in the morning and was released the same day at 19:00

Know more about Nicola Sturgeon:

Nicola Sturgeon is a prominent Scottish politician who has been serving as the First Minister of Scotland since 2014. She is also the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and has been a Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) since 1999.

Sturgeon was born in Irvine, Scotland, in 1970 and grew up in Dreghorn, Ayrshire. She studied law at the University of Glasgow and worked as a solicitor before entering politics. She joined the SNP at the age of 16 and became involved in campaigning for Scottish independence.

Nicola Sturgeon: Accomplishments and Policies as First Minister

Sturgeon was first elected to the Scottish Parliament in 1999 as a regional MSP for Glasgow. She was later elected as a constituency MSP for Glasgow Govan in 2007 and has since been re-elected in 2011, 2016, and 2021.

In 2004, Sturgeon was appointed as the SNP’s Deputy Leader and later became the Leader of the SNP in 2014, succeeding Alex Salmond. When Salmond resigned as First Minister, Sturgeon took over the position, becoming the first woman to hold the post.

Nicola Sturgeon: Political careers First Minister,

Sturgeon has led the Scottish Government in a number of areas, including education, health, and the economy. She has also been a strong advocate for Scottish independence and has led the SNP’s campaign for a second independence referendum.

Nicola Sturgeon

Source: Yahoo News UK

Sturgeon’s leadership has been praised for her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland. She has been praised for her clear communication and swift action to contain the virus. Under her leadership, Scotland has implemented stricter lockdown measures than the rest of the UK.

Public opinion on this news:

Bill Graham

Fraud is a civil matter. Why was this dealt with by uniform police? Scottish Daily Mail should be subject to injunction as it is not a Scottish paper. This has got MI5 all over it. The campaign money was allocated to the welfare budget to help with energy bills its on the last budget statement.
Lets all complain to Polis Scotland and swamp the helpline number!

Fionna Downie

What gets me is they think we are so stupid as to fall for this pantomime. Were we supposed to think “there’s been a murder” ? Why else the forensic tent? Such a huge police presence at both locations was surely overkill, and at what cost in resources ? It reeks of desperation on the part of the Union hierarchy. Could they be running scared ?

Stephen McNeil

Why didn’t we see this at Michelle Mone’s House? Or all the other Tory swindlers?
Sarwar is slabbering. He thinks he’s won the lottery. The thing is this will only increase support for the SNP and independence. As we can see with Trump (love him or loathe him) he has gained more support because of the investigations into him.

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