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Human Remains found in Wooded Area identified to be Makenna Joy Purvis

Human Remains found in Wooded Area identified to be Makenna Joy Purvis
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Makenna Joy Purvis, who has been missing since September, has been found dead after her remains were discovered in a wooded area of north Alabama.

What happened to Makenna Joy Purvis?

Makenna Purvis has been missing for 6 months now. She was last observed strolling along a tree line close to Inspect Road on September 26, 2022, in the Valley Head neighborhood of DeKalb County, Alabama.

According to the County Sherriff, her family was really frightened. According to her family, they had no idea what she would be doing at Valley Head, and they knew that she would not go this long without contacting them. 

They reported her missing two weeks after no updates on her. Initially, the authorities thought she might have gone with someone, but they were unsure. 

There were occasions when she did not communicate with her family for a few days, but they were concerned this time since it had been over 2 weeks.

Human Remains found in Wooded Area identified to be Makenna Joy Purvis

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Search for the missing teen, Makenna Purvis

According to the DeKalb County Sherriff’s Office’s primary investigator on the case, the police investigated the whole area, performing a major search in the region, but they did not find any potential vehicles that could have picked her up from the region. 

They tried to broaden the search area but still could not find her. 

In October 2022, more than 30 search crew members searched the nearby forests but could not find her or anything related to her, like a clue that could tell where she was. 

The family had also offered a $10,000 reward for any information that could lead to her disappearance.

Since then, an ongoing search had been conducted near Inspect Drive in Valley Head, Al.

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Makenna Purvis found dead as remains identified

Then, on March 23, 2023, remains were found near Valley Head by the Huntsville Search Dog Unit The Alabama Department of Forensic Science Laboratory in Huntsville determined that the remains belonged to Makenna Joy Purvis. 

The DeKalb County Sherriff released a statement, stating the tragedy that has befell the family, and expressing his condolences to the family who have lost their loved one. 

He also thanked all the volunteers and officers who helped the authorities in their extensive search. He added that they had prayed and hoped for a different result. He also asked everyone to keep the grieving family in their prayers.