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Who was Maxim Fomin, Another Name for Vladlen Tatarsky? In a Café in Saint Petersburg, an Explosion Killed a Russian Military Blogger

Who was Vladlen Tatarsky a.k.a Maxim Fomin

Vladlen Tatarsky, a well-known Russian military blogger, was murdered in an explosion at a café in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on Sunday. The event left 25 people injured, and 19 of them were hospitalised, based on the city’s governor. It is unclear if Tatarsky was the intended target of the blast. “An unknown explosive device detonated today in a bistro in the heart of St. Petersburg.” Consequently, according to preliminary data, a military blogger, Vladlen Tatarskiy, died, and 19 others were critically wounded,” Russia’s Investigative Committee for St. Petersburg stated.

Who was Vladlen Tatarsky a.k.a Maxim Fomin1


Who was Vladlen Tatarsky, also Known as Maxim Fomin?

Vladlen Tatarsky was a Russian blogger who wrote about Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine. His actual name was Maxin Fomin, but he rose to prominence as Vladlen Tatarsky via his Telegram channel, which he founded in 2019. He chose the moniker in honour of the protagonist of Victor Pelevin’s novel Generation P. He is also the author of various novels.

Tatarsky, a prominent supporter of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, fought with the Donbas resistance against Ukrainian nationalists in 2014. On Telegram, he had more than 500,000 followers. Although he usually supports war, he was critical of Russia’s failures in Ukraine. Tatarsky was the featured speaker at a café event, according to the BBC. Even though it is unclear if he was the intended victim of the assault, authorities still examine it as a possible murder. The website said the gadget was hidden in a statue shipped to the blogger in a parcel, citing Interior Ministry sources. According to CNN, the building’s front fell after the explosion, causing most casualties.

What Becomes of Him?

Tatarsky was murdered in an explosion on April 2, 2023, while organising an event at a café in St. Petersburg. Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian tycoon with extensive links to the Kremlin and the director of the notorious paramilitary Wagner Group, owned the restaurant. After the assault, Margarita Simonyan, Tina Kandelaki, and Anton Krasovsky accused Ukraine and demanded vengeance.

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