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Who is Valerie Bertinelli husband now? Valerie Bertinelli still with Tom Vitale?

Valerie Bertinelli Husband Tom Vitale

Valerie Bertinelli is a notable American actress. Valerie Bertinelli is well-recognized for role as Barbara Cooper Royer in the “One Day at a Time” television series.

Valerie Bertinelli also known for her role as Melanie Moretti in the “Hot in Cleveland” and as Lisa in the “Hungry” series.

from 2015 to the present, Valerie Bertinelli works in the Kids Baking Championship and Valerie’s Home Cooking television shows.

In 1974, Valerie Bertinelli made her television debut with the “Apple’s Way” series.

Valerie Bertinelli Husband


Valerie Bertinelli Age

Valerie Bertinelli’s full name is Valerie Anne Bertinelli. Valerie Bertinelli was born to Nancy Bertinelli and Andrew Bertinelli in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. Valerie Bertinelli’s age is 63 years. Valerie Bertinelli’s birth date is 23 Apeil and her birth year is 1960.

Valerie Bertinelli has four siblings- David Bertinelli, Drew Bertinelli, Mark Bertinelli, and Patrick Bertinelli. Valerie Bertinelli’s mother is of English descent and Valerie Bertinelli’s father is of Italian descent.

Valerie Bertinelli did her acting studies at the Tami Lynn School of Artists and Granada Hills Charter High School. Valerie Bertinelli’s nationality is American.

Who is Valerie Bertinelli husband now?

The marital status of Valerie Bertinelli is divorced. Valerie Bertinelli married twice and divorced her husband.

Currently Valerie Bertinelli does not have a husband. Valerie Bertinelli is single after divorcing her second husband.

Valerie Bertinelli’s second marriage was to Tom Vitale. He is a financial planner. Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale started their relationship in 2004. The couple got engaged in May 2010.

The couple got married on 1 January 2011 in Malibu, California. Valerie and Tom separated on 24 November 2021 and filed for divorce. The couple got divorced a year later on 22 November 2022.

Who is Ex-Valerie Bertinelli husband Eddie Van Halen?

Valerie Bertinelli’s first husband was Eddie Van Halen. The couple married in 1981. Valerie and Eddie also have a son, Wolfgang Van Halen, born on March 16, 1991.

Eddie Van Halen was a popular American songwriter and musician. He was the guitarist, backing vocalist, co-founder, keyboardist and ‘primary songwriter of the rock band Van Halen’. In 1972, Eddie Van Halen co-financed the band with his brother Alex Van Halen.

Valerie and Eddie separated in 2001 after ten years of marriage. The couple got divorced on 20 December 2007 after 7 years of separation.

Valerie Bertinelli cited her husband’s cocaine addiction and refusal to quit smoking despite being diagnosed with oral cancer and losing a third of his tongue in the treatment process as the reason for her divorce from Eddie Van Halen.

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