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What are the Identities of José Nolasco and Viridiana Becerril? A Couple was Killed in a Hot-Air Balloon Incident in Mexico

Who are Jose Nolasco and Viridiana Becerril

On Saturday, a terrible hot air balloon accident in Mexico City left two people dead and one child injured. An unverified social networking video shows a hot air balloon catching fire above Teotihuacan, the well-known pre-Aztec temple complex. A hot air balloon accident in Mexico City claimed the lives of José Nolasco, 50, and his wife, Viridiana Becerril, 38.

Who are Jose Nolasco and Viridiana Becerril1


What Became of the Mexican Couple?

A hot balloon plummeted onto the ground in Mexico City on Saturday, killing a Mexican couple and badly injuring their daughter. Both Viridiana Becerril, 38, and José Nolasco, 50, perished in the horrific incident, which was seen on video and posted on social media.

According to Mexican officials, their daughter, Regina Itzani, injured her arm as she leapt from the blazing gondola. Itzani is likely to live despite her broken arm and second-degree burns, according to the Daily Mail. The Caujimalpa de Morelos family took a joyride over Teotihuacan, a well-known tourist attraction.

It’s unclear whether a pilot was on board the balloon, which looked still attached to the ground. The video seen by a spectator shows the basket engulfed in flames. The balloon immediately wilted, and the gondola plummeted to the earth as passengers seemed to either tumble out or leap out.

Social Media Reports:

They took a picture just before starting their dangerous trek. According to social media postings, the Daily Mail reports that Regina and her father, José, reportedly organised the trip for Viridiana’s birthday. Grandma Reyna Gloria Sarmiento of Regina stated, “It was my daughter Viridiana’s birthday, and they had arranged this trip as a surprise for her.

Sarmiento said that her unnamed granddaughter, who was stable, was one of her grandchildren. Before leaping from the balloon, Sarmiento allegedly hugged her parents. Yet, she was not made aware of her parents’ passing.

According to the journal, there were only 21 confirmed deaths in the US between 2000 and 2016, although 3,000 hot air balloons are launched each year worldwide.

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