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Dj Brownskin Wife’s Death : A video of DJ Brownskin’s wife dying goes viral

Dj Brownskin
Source: Facebook

In a recent viral video, DJ Brownskinn, a famous Kenyan musician, recorded his wife on camera while consuming a poisoned drink. The wife of DJ Brownskin, Sharon Njeri Mwangi, died last year in July 2022.

Dj Brownskin

Source: facebook

At the time time of her passing, this clip was not made online. Now the video clip of jarring is viral, and people are criticising DJ Brownskinn. Still, according to the latest update, law enforcement had not released anything about Mwangi’s death.

Michael Macharia Njiri is the actual name of DJ Brownskin; he was famous for his music tracks. He is a popular artist in his country Kenya. Apart from this, he has a huge fan following on Instagram, with more than 38.9 followers.

He was mainly seen playing at concerts and might perform with The Four Play this Weekend. DJ Brownskin have two children. Currently, a video is viral on the internet; in the video, his wife, Shawon Mwangi drinking something suspicious thing. In this clip, his wife mixes something strange in his drink and then swallows it.

The exciting thing is that DJ Brownskin encouraged Shawon to drink it quickly. Later in the video, she drinks the whole mixture and throws the cup on his DJ Brownskin; just a few minutes later, she is seen in extreme pain.

The couple’s children tried to help their mother, Mwangi. Before Mwangi died, the video ended. Still, it is unclear how this video goes viral on the internet. Also, it is unknown that DJ Brownskin forced him to consume this poisonous drink.

No official information is available about Sharon Mwangi’s death, and his family members released no details.

Netizens Reaction: 

Dj Brownskin

Source: Facebook

Tasha Maisha

How about telling her family that she intended to take her life so that they could take bold steps and take her to a counselor instead of recording her and letting her die in front of your kids?

Dineo Motaung

What nonsense are you writing here as if you’re an angel,you watched her die and you didn’t even care
Now you’re here saying nywe nywe nywe,you’re evil 

Faith Kioko

You should be cancelled..didn’t you have the least possible remorse for her.Even if things had gone south between the two of you then atleast for the sake of your children you’d have stopped her.May her soul taunt you forever,usiwahi pata amani.