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Little Rock tornado | An emergency has been declared after a ‘devastating’ tornado

Little Rock tornado
Source: USA Today

Arkansa, the city mayor, posted the update about the tornado that hit Little Rock, Arkansas. More than 24 people were injured in this devastating tornado; all were rushed to the hospital. The massive tornado hit the city on Friday; the city saw the toppling of trees, smashing roofs, and flipping cars.

Little Rock tornado

Source: Facebook

Many blocks were damaged very severely, the aerial footage posted by many weather websites. If we talk about the facts, more than 15 United States are in danger of explosive storm systems.

Apart from Arkansas, two other tornados were reported in Iowa, so a state of emergency was declared in Missouri. Their hail fell in Illinois; the hail size is similar to a golf ball. Due to rain falling, many of the car windows were damaged.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Governor of Arkansas, declared the emergency and called the National Guard. She also called this disaster as “significant damge” in central Arkansas.

While on another side Frank Scott Jr, Mayor of Little Rock, posted the information through the tweet and called this event “devastating”. He said, “I just arrived at the incident command post where emergency officials are responding to the devastating tornado. Please stay off the roads and away from the affected areas to allow emergency responders to work.”

According to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center in Little Rock, we expect around 20-25 patients in this situation. While on the other side, the state’s biggest hospital, Baptist Health Medical Center, said they have five patients in critical condition.

Just one week earlier, a long twister killed 26 people in Mississippi. On Friday, President Joe Biden visited to Arkansas and paid the tributes and promised federal aid.

Public reaction to Little Rock Tornado :

Little Rock tornado

Source: Facebook

Sabina Lazar

Thank you. My mom is close to the area hit. Feel blessed that she’s just without power but not injured.

Jessica Ann

It’s crazy to me how it ran so much of the length of the city. Much of this was my old Neighborhood/stomping grounds. I miss LR every day. This makes my heart hurt.

Jenny Armstrong Boulden

One fatality in North Little Rock. Last I heard, five patients were in critical condition at Baptist.

Sharon K Wesley

Thank you for sharing those. Now some of my family in Louisiana can see the damage .

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