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Sydney Shere Sims | The death of Audrey Hale’s close friend broke her heart

Sydney Shere Sims
Source: MEAWW

Nashville’s Covenant school shooter, Audrey Hale, was allegedly heartbroken over the death of her close friend. Audrey killed six persons on Monday in a Nashville Covenant School in Tennessee.

Sydney Shere Sims

Source: TMZ

Hale’s former teacher, Maria Colomy, said the friend’s sudden death wrecked Hale’s emotions. Hale was transgender; biologically, he was a woman who identified as a man. Maria Colomy suddenly found a social media post-Hale, where she posted about some emotional lines for her friends like “all that mattered” and ” I’ll miss you forever”

Now it is discovered that her friend’s name was Sydney Sher Sims. According to the Colomy, Hale’s started her transition journey after grieving her loss. 

Sydney Shere Sims: Who was she

At Isaiah T. Creswell Middle School of the arts and the Nashville School of the Arts, Sydney Shere Sims was Hale’s classmate. Hale had a close friendship with the Sims, as told by their former classmate of theirs, Samira Hardcastle. 

Hale was devastated after the death of Sydney Shere Sims, who died in a car crash in August 2022. 

Hardcastle shared the incident with NBC News “After Sydney’s tragic death, Audrey was really heartbroken over it … I just feel like she took it differently than some of us did. She was still posting about Sydney almost daily. What I knew of her was more admiring (Sydney). Maybe even infatuation. That’s specifically who she really, really looked up to,”

Hales messaged Averianna Patton on Instagram just before shooting; he wrote almost a suicide note to her. Hardcastle further included, “I don’t think she was with anyone. She was just kind of by herself. I don’t think that they were very close but I think Audrey looked up to [her] like she looked up to Sydney. But I don’t know that it was ever, like, a two-way thing,”

Netizen’s comments on this incident:

Sydney Shere Sims

Source: MEAWW

Laurel Newton

all the more reason that mental health counseling should be supported…

TJ Serbic

We have a mental health crisis!
Also democrats:
Let’s encourage and enable mental illness in a community of people and target people’s children at school with sexualization and propaganda so we can make more damaged people. Let’s help them with their mental illness by gaslighting society and demanding subjugation and sacrifice from normal people.

Thomas Lieborn

So how is violence time with transients going to go Saturday? Since they’re all so peaceful and super special.
Let’s go Brandon