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How did Michael Berlyn die? American video game designer Passed away at 73

How did Michael Berlyn die? American video game designer Passed away at 73
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Michael Berlyn an American author and video game creator. He  passed away suddenly at the age of 73 in March 2023.

Who is Michael Berlyn?

Michael Berlyn was born in 1949 and is an American writer and video game designer. His work at Infocom as an implementer of text adventure games is well known.

A modest game development firm called Brainwave Creations was founded by him.  In the 1980s, the business was founded. And Rebecca Heineman of Interplay and the company are probably best known for co-creating Tass Times in Tonetown.

Michael Berlyn cause of death

Michael Berlyn’s cause of death has not yet been disclosed. According to Berlyn’s Wikipedia page, he was diagnosed with cancer in September 2014 and underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment until the middle of 2015.

Based on these statements, we can conclude that his death was caused by cancer complications. We cannot confirm any press reports until we receive formal confirmation. As soon as official sources reveal Michael Berlyn’s cause of death, we will update this page.

How did Michael Berlyn die? American video game designer Passed away at 73

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Michael Career:

Michael Berlyn, a student at Florida Atlantic University who was passionate about science fiction, enrolled in a course on the topic.  Since Berlyn was much more interested in creative activities, whether written or musical, he decided to become a writer and bought an Apple II computer in 1978 to simplify his work.

He decided to learn how to program video games after indulging in them in between two writing sessions. Six months after learning BASIC, he wrote his first text adventure game, Oo-Topos.

In 1980, he and his wife moved to Aspen, Colorado, where computer shops were desperate for programmers. In 1994, Michael Berlyn founded Sentient Software, which markets Oo-Topos and Cyborg.

He hasn’t released his next two games, Gold Rush and Congo, and there is no record of them on the web. After Sentient’s business stalled due to a classified advertisement, Berlyn spotted that Infocom was seeking new clients.

Personal Life Michael Berlyn

Berlyn founded Cascade Mountain Publishing in 1998 to disseminate interactive fiction and ebooks. In 2000, Cascade Mountain Publications closed its doors. Berlyn returned to video games after this commercial venture failed. He focused on casual games.

Berlyn’s “light jazz” band is Hot Mustard. Berlyn composed and performed the entire band. After this failure, Michael Berlyn left the video game industry for good.  Mike Berlyn markets new PC and Macintosh products in Florida while planning a new software company.

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