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Where is Peter Kovach’s Friend Now? Who is Howard Bloomgarden?

Where is Peter Kovach's Friend Now
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Kovach and Gould died in mysterious circumstances in October 1994. In both murders, Howard Bloomgarden was convicted. However, the truth revealed a far more complicated and horrifying picture than expected. This shocking double-murder is discussed in the fourth episode of CNBC’s ‘Blood & Money series, titled ‘A College Kingpin’s Greed.’

Howard Bloomgarden played a crucial role in this case, which thrust him into the spotlight. We are here to discuss his current whereabouts because people are curious!

Who is Howard Bloomgarden?

Peter Kovach and Howard Bloomgarden were partners in a drug company they established in college. University of Miami students started the business when they were students. According to reports, Howard was born into a wealthy family and appeared appealing. After graduating college, he and Peter expanded their network.

In 1992, Howard and Peter discovered that shipping cheap and high-quality marijuana from Mexico via California to the USA effectively grew their business. After Hurricane Andrew hit the city, the two brought the goods disguised as hurricane relief packages into Miami, Florida. The authorities found one of their shipments after the 1993 World Trade Center attack.

Howard Bloomgarden

Where is Howard Bloomgarden Peter? Kovach’s Friend

Howard Bloomgarden decided to plead guilty in 1996 by admitting to ordering the murders of Peter Kovach and Ted Gould. His confession led to a 33-year prison sentence. This admission did not help the authorities within Los Angeles County. First, Howard should not face a second trial in order to avoid double jeopardy.

According to California state law, Howard was convicted only of the “travel in aid of racketeering” charge, not of any murder charges. Therefore, Howard’s trial in California was allowed to proceed.

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Howard Bloomgarden was Found guilty

The jury convicted Howard of two first-degree murders and two kidnappings on May 15, 2014. He was sentenced to life without parole on June 3, 2016. Howard was later denied double jeopardy based on California’s sovereignty, severity of his crimes, and intentions.

He is currently being held in Illinois’ USP Marion as of writing. His life sentence will likely continue in a California correctional facility after he leaves the federal prison on February 13, 2024.