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Randall Robinson, a Human Rights Campaigner and Lawyer Died at 81

Randall Robinson Cause of Death

Randall Robinson, a notable African-American lawyer, author, and activist known for his efforts campaigning for Black people’s rights in America and across the world, died on Friday, Mar 24, 2023, at the age of 81. He is well known for founding TransAfrica, which promotes justice and equality throughout Africa and the Caribbean. Robinson’s death was a massive loss for the civil rights movement and everyone who knew him.

Randall Robinson Cause of Death1

Randall Robinson: Who Was He?

Maxie Cleveland Robinson and Doris Eugenia Smith Robinson welcomed Randall Robinson on Jul 6, 1941, in Richmond, Virginia. His parents were teachers, and his mother was a fighter for civil rights. Robinson’s youth was shaped by the inequities of segregation and racism that characterised the South at the time.

In 1962, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Union University. He subsequently went to Harvard Law School, receiving his Juris Doctorate in 1970.

Randall Robinson’s Professional Career:

Robinson started his legal career in 1970 when he was appointed executive director of the African-American Institute in New York City. He also practised civil rights litigation and assisted in representing Black defendants in some high-profile cases.

He co-founded the Free South Africa Movement in 1977 and committed to abolishing apartheid in South Africa. The movement successfully convinced many American corporations to divest from South Africa, and it played an essential role in bringing apartheid to an end in 1994. Robinson launched TransAfrica, a non-profit organisation devoted to advancing justice, equality, and democracy throughout Africa and the Caribbean, in 1984. The group was dedicated to combating human rights violations, economic exploitation, and political persecution in these areas. Robinson’s work with TransAfrica aimed to increase awareness of the difficulties. Black people experienced this worldwide and developed a solidarity movement that united individuals from many backgrounds.

Robinson was also an excellent novelist, having written numerous volumes on African-American history and politics. His most well-known publications are “The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks,” published in 2000, and “An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, From Revolution to President Kidnapping,” published in 2007.

Robinson investigated the history of African-American persecution and how Black people have been disregarded and exploited throughout American history in these novels.

Randall Robinson Died in What Way?

Randall Robinson, an African-American lawyer, activist, and author, died on Mar 24, 2023. Several individuals who knew Robinson and respected his work were shocked by his passing.

The reason for Randall Robinson’s death has not been made public; however, it is assumed that he died of natural causes.

Randall Robinson Received the Following Tributes:

Several individuals have commented on Robinson’s legacy and influence on the civil rights movement after his death. Several of them expressed their sympathies and honoured Robinson’s life and work on social media. His work with TransAfrica increased awareness of the hardships of African and Caribbean black people.

Robinson’s work with TransAfrica and the Free South Africa Movement aided in bringing about enormous global changes, but much more work is still to be done. Robinson’s publications and lectures also contributed to public understanding of the history of African-American oppression and the fight for justice and equality. We must renew our commitment to the continuing battle for justice and equality as we honour Randall Robinson and his legacy.

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