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Whatever Becomes of Jeremy Renner? Snow Ploughing Accident Explains the Actor’s Grave Condition

Jeremy Renner snow plow

After suffering a “weather-related accident while shovelling snow,” Jeremy Renner is in “serious but stable condition.”Let’s examine Jeremy Renner’s situation in more detail.

Jeremy Renner snow plow1


Accident with a Snowplough:

After being wounded in a “weather-related mishap while shovelling snow,” actor Jeremy Renner, 51, is in “serious but stable condition.”

Renner was allegedly brought to a local hospital after the alleged Sunday incident.

His spokesman says he is “getting wonderful treatment from their fantastic medical personnel.” “We can confirm Jeremy is in critical but stable condition with injuries suffered after having a weather-related mishap while shovelling snow earlier today,” said a spokeswoman for the Hawkeye star.

His family is there with him, and he is getting fantastic care,” she continued.

According to the source, Renner was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. The Hurt Locker and The Town performances by the 51-year-old actor have earned him two Academy Award nominations. He rose to prominence as the superhero Clint Barton. He is well known for his roles in the Mission Impossible film series and as Hawkeye in the Marvel film franchise.

Whatever Becomes of Jeremy Renner?

On New Year’s Day, Avengers star Jeremy Renner was evacuated to a hospital following a car accident near Lake Tahoe. He is receiving treatment for major injuries sustained while shovelling snow.

Renner owns acreage in the Sierra Nevada foothills above Lake Tahoe. A snowfall hit the area on New Year’s Eve, knocking out power to 35,000 people. Renner tweeted a photo of the local snowfall with the message, “Lake Tahoe snowstorm is no joke,” on December 13.

The “blizzard of the century” has claimed at least 60 lives throughout the United States during the last week.

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