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Nathan Millard’s Drug Death Charged Prostitutes

Nathan Millard’s death

Louisiana police apprehended a suspected prostitute. Authorities are hunting for another person in connection with Nathan Millard’s overdose death. It has been revealed that the Georgia father of five was given “bad medications” as part of a plot.

Nathan Millard’s death


Who was Being Investigated on Suspicion?

According to WBRZ, Tiffany Guidry was detained early Friday by Baton Rouge police on accusations of improper disposal of human remains, prostitution, and refusal to seek aid. Tabbetha Barner, who is wanted for prostitution and failing to seek assistance, is still being sought by authorities.

A Drug Dealer on Business:

Millard, 42, was discovered two weeks after going missing on February 23rd, wrapped in plastic and coiled up in a carpet. Millard reportedly overdosed in a derelict drug house while in town with the two ladies to investigate a possible assignment for his construction firm. Detectives interrogated suspected drug dealer Derrick “Stanka” Perkins, 45, who has been charged with disposing of Millard’s corpse unlawfully in a lot along Scenic Highway, and arrest warrants have been filed. Perkins told police that he picked up Millard and two other individuals searching for narcotics early on February 23rd and that they drove about in his vehicle for hours “getting high” on crack cocaine, according to records acquired by the outlet.

Police in Baton Rouge have apprehended one suspected prostitute and are seeking another about the overdose death of Georgia Millard’s father, Nathan Millard. According to Perkins, Millard and the other two went inside a petrol station to use an ATM. But, the father from Georgia returned to the car and asked the driver to take him somewhere else because he thought the others could “set him up to rob him.” He said Guidry and Barner started drugging the Georgia man inside a Lorri Burgess Avenue apartment after Millard allegedly told him he wanted “white females” and directed them to pick up Guidry and Barner.

He stated Barner urged him to acquire more medications in the morning, and when he returned, she hurried out, pronouncing Millard dead. Perkins alleged Barner tried to give Millard Narcan, a drug that counteracts overdoses. According to records acquired by WBRZ, they also performed CPR on Millard before telling him he needed to “get rid of the corpse.” According to the suspected drug dealer, he “panicked” and had Guidry help him wrap Millard in a rug.

What Happens to Drug Dealers?

Perkins admitted to selling his automobile to a group of males in the Dixie area and accusing them of torching it, which was subsequently found. Barner stated she had never seen Millard, that Perkins had turned up at her home searching for Narcan, and that she had last seen him using Millard’s card at a Highland Road convenience shop.

WBRZ reported on March 6th that Millard’s wife, Amber, got a scary phone call from Perkins stating that he was likely given “bad drugs” in an alleged attempt to collect a prize for locating the corpse. According to the caller, who described herself as a woman, Perkins first discarded the corpse someplace else, but when he heard of the prize, he got someone to help him move the remains to the empty lot. Perkins was first charged with property damage, access device fraud, and intoxicated driving.

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