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Attorneys for Accused Georgia Baby Killer Leilani Simon want the Judge to throw out the Murder Case

Georgia baby murder

Despite attempts by Leilani Simon’s attorneys to get the case against her dropped, she was arraigned on Thursday for the alleged murder of her 20-month-old son Quinton.

Georgia baby murder


Attorneys want the Judge to Throw out the Murder Case:

Leilani Simon’s attorneys claimed that the murder charges against Simon, who is suspected of killing her 20-month-old son Quinton Simon, should be dropped since the prosecution failed to submit sufficient evidence in the days leading up to Simon’s arraignment. Notwithstanding the defence’s Monday and Wednesday court papers in Chatham County, Georgia, the 22-year-old mother of three entered a not-guilty plea to every allegation in the 19-count indictment on Thursday. 

Court Documents Filed by the Defence in Chatham County, Georgia:

Thursday’s arraignment, when the 22-year-old mother of three pled not guilty to all counts in the 19-count indictment, went forward despite Monday and Wednesday. Bail was a point of contention between the prosecution and defence, but the court sided with the trial and rejected the bond since Simon was deemed a flight risk. The most severe three accusations against Simon—malice murder and two counts of murder—were sought to be dropped by his defence team on Monday. 

According to Fox News Digital’s documents, her defence team specifically contended that the state failed to “allege any way of death.” The indictment claims that Simon hit her son with an unidentified item, causing “severe bodily injury” and “Quinton’s death.”

In a separate court filing on Wednesday, the defence argued that four of the 15 counts of making false statements should also be dropped. These four counts included three denials that she threw her baby in a dumpster and a denial that she used drugs on October 4, the day before the alleged fatal assault. The defence maintained that the fifth amendment protects against self-incrimination and that the claims of concealing the death of another already count four of the indictment, which is state crimes. The judge promised to arrange a motion hearing to go through this week’s files, but she hasn’t decided on a time yet. The day after his mother reportedly met a narcotics dealer, Quinton Simon was allegedly murdered. She informed investigators that “all she had discarded was regular domestic rubbish,” according to the indictment.

Between October 1 and October 5, when the kid is reported missing, she may have made some remark suggesting that she had a dental operation or needed to see a dentist, Rendelman speculated. And they’re attempting to prove that she isn’t being honest about it.

Rendelman also said that detectives would attempt to ascertain whether something during a dentist checkup caused her to seek out painkillers like Orajel.

Rendelman continued, “They have no eyewitnesses to the beating.” “Determining who might have been with the kid and who would have had sole custody of the child is crucial. And if you can demonstrate that, you may be able to determine who may have killed or injured the child.

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