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DJ Graeme’s son Oliver Dies From Cancer, What happened to the 18-Year-Old?

DJ Graeme son

DJ Graeme Park’s son Oliver Park dies of cancer after a year-long battle. In a statement posted via social media, DJ Graeme, a British DJ well known for his work at Manchester’s legendary Hacienda nightclub, shared the tragic news. Let’s examine Oliver Park’s cause of death and how DJ Graeme Park’s son died.

How did Oliver Die


How did Oliver Die?

Oliver Park, the 18-year-old son of British DJ Graeme Park, passed away after a “year-long battle with cancer.”. Oliver’s twin brother Ben and Park’s wife Jenny both posted a family statement on social media. Park is well-known for his work at The Hacienda and the evolution of club culture. “Today, our hearts were permanently torn apart,” the statement read. ”.

What is Oliver Park’s Cause of death?

We’re sorry to have to inform you that Oliver Park has passed away. Oliver Park was regarded as having a friendly personality. Many people must be curious to know Oliver Park cause of death in light of the recent news that Oliver Park Cause of death was a rare cancer.

After turning 17 years old in November 2021, Oliver received a diagnosis of a rare cancer on his spine. His father, DJ Graeme Park, shared a statement about Oliver’s Cancer battle in a statement. The statement claimed that Oliver “never once got angry, complained, or felt sad” after learning of his cancer diagnosis. ”.

Who is Oliver Park?

The Son of British DJ Graeme Park, Oliver Park, was born in London. One of the original pioneers of the UK’s rave/club culture is the British DJ and dance music producer Graeme Park. He is best known for being a key role in Manchester, England’s The Haçienda club.

After starting at Select-a-Disc Records, a record shop in Nottingham, Park’s first DJ gigs they have included The Garage Club (later The Kool Kat) in Nottingham, The Leadmill in Sheffield, and other clubs in the Midlands and North of England. He was asked to DJ at the storied The Haçienda club in 1987 alongside Mike Pickering (of the M-People fame), and he continued to do so up until the establishment’s closure in June 1997. Park and Pickering are recognized for creating the club’s reputation with their well-attended club events, particularly the ground-breaking “Nude” night on Fridays.

Early in 1984, he started his long career by performing acid house in several Nottingham taverns and clubs. In 1991, Park finished second to Danny Rampling in DJ Magazine’s inaugural Best DJ in the World Award. In addition to acting as a consultant for the film 24 Hour Party People, Park also made an appearance in it, spinning records on the set alongside Steve Coogan, who played Tony Wilson, the CEO of Factory Records.

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