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Mel Zuckerman, founder of Canyon Ranch and public health advocate, dies at 94

Mel Zuckerman
Source : Facebook

The University of Arizona announced the news of Mel Zuckerman’s death. Former Public health advocate and founder of Canyon Ranch, Mel Zuckerman, died last Saturday at 94. On this page, we’ll go through all the details about Mel; keep reading.

Personal details about f Mel Zuckerman

Local news media spoke with his good friend, Dr Richard Carmona, former U.S. Surgeon who talked about his close friend Mel Zuckerman in the interview. According to Dr Richard, he lived an extraordinary life and made a significant impact in Tucson.

Mel Zuckerman


He said about him that he saw the future 40 years ago. He further added, “Mel was a visionary. And he was a restless visionary, “Much of what we talk about today in health and wellness and destination resorts for health and wellness… you know he is one of the iconic figures that created that whole marketplace.

He marked the strength from his struggle with health issues; he founded the Canyon Ranch on Tuscon’s east side during this journey. He worked as Surgeon General, and Zuckerman built a wellness resort to provide the best facility to people worldwide.

His friend Carmona further described the resort’s features as “Nutrition, physical activity, people will help you improve your performance, Whether you’re a senior citizen or an athlete. So there’s something there for everybody and it’s a very nice environment, a very comfortable environment, a very safe environment as well.”

Mel Zuckerman

Source: Facebook

Apart from Canyon Ranch, Zuckerman also made southwest’s first college of Public Health named the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. The couple also started school in 2000 for a budget of $10 million.

According to the university, Mel Zuckerman passed away surrounded by family at their home.

People are pouring tributes to Mel on Social Media :

Kurt B Reighley

I’ve had the good fortune to work with the Zuckermans throughout my tenure at UA Health Sciences. Mel leaves an indelible impression on Tucson, the University of Arizona, and our world as a whole. He may have departed this mortal coil, but his influence will extend far into the future. Godspeed and thank you.

Doug Seymour

I love his story on how he started Canyon Ranch. He would talk about his health then, and how he transformed it through nutrition, exercise, and body, mind and spirit connection. My condolences to Enid and family. 94 is quite an accomplishment, RIP Mel.

Shelley Alexander

I was lucky to have been a member of Canyon ranch for over 10 years. Mel was always an inspiration and Canyon Ranch changed my life for the better in more ways than I can even explain. Rest in peace Mel. Your life and vision are and were truly a legacy to be proud of. You will be greatly missed ❤️

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