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What happened with Melissa Cox? How did Melissa Cox Die?

Melissa Cox
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Melissa Cox died on 17 March 2023 after a short illness. The sudden death of Melissa takes her family into deep shock and sorrow; in this article, we’ll learn about what exactly happened to Melissa.

Melissa Cox: Who was she

Melissa had worked as the afternoon office supervisor. She had earlier worked as a preschool parent, and her name was Mrs Mary Jean. He has three sons named Walker, Cannon and Mason. She and her friend Clinton have been members of the Krewe community for years. The couple has a very kind nature, and they bond with all the other members.

Melissa Cox

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Melissa was known for her kind-hearted nature and caring nature. She always tried to help other people. Her kind nature made her a very reputable member of the community. She made a significant impact on others’ life due to his kind nature.

Melissa Cox: Reason behind the death

At Lake Charles, Louisiana, Krewe du Sauvage is grieving the loss of one of their member of the community, Melissa Cox. The community members said she died on March 17, 2023, just after a short illness.

Still, the real cause of her is unknown. The sudden death news of Melissa left the whole community, along with friends and family members, in a state of deep shock. Clinton was the name of her husband; the couple has a regular and active member of the group who is known for his warmness and makes a close bond with the other people in the community.

Melissa Cox: GoFundMe account setup

Krewe du Sauvage set up a GoFundMe account for Melissa, they also post on Facebook about the detils of this as

It is with a heavy heart that we share this with our Krewe family and community today. As some probably already know, we lost a beautiful person yesterday, Melissa Cox.

Melissa and Clinton have been krewe members for several years and are extremely close to many other members. Arrangement details will be shared soon; however, if you’d like to reach out and show your love and support now, there are some ways…

Melissa Cox

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A Go Fund Me account has been established. Link may be found in comments of this post.
Monetary donations will be used for things such as cleaning and laundry services.

Food Gift Cards are absolutely appreciated. There are four boys in this precious family! ❤️ (Krewe members: Please check the Krewe group page for drop off/mailing info.)

Please keep Clinton, the boys, their family, and friends in your prayers. As always, thank you for being an amazing support system for fellow members when it counts the most! 💜💛💚

Social media tributes :

Savannah White

I’ve wanted to post about this since yesterday, but I wanted to respect this family that means the world to me. Quite frankly it still doesn’t even feel real.
If you don’t know Melissa Cox was like another mother figure in my life.

She started as my teacher in 9th grade when she was pregnant with Walker. Soon after she had him, I started working for them and ever since then they’ve been apart of my life. This is family.

I could on and on about the big life moments she was there for me through, and it breaks me to think she won’t be able to watch us get married this year. She was so excited for it.

I’m so thankful I stopped by to visit them recently, because I would’ve never thought it would be the last time I saw her. So hug the ones you love a little tighter every time you say goodbye.🫶🏼 till we meet again

Tiffany Kibodeaux Soileau

Melissa Cox and Clinton. You should be here sitting next to me today freezing and watching our boys play ball and waiting for Landen and Mason to beg to spend the night tonight. My heart is just broken today. Such an amazing, sweet family and the best Boy Mom…. Gone wayyyy too soon.

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