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Badminton Athlete Syabda Perkasa Belawa Killed in Road Accident, Cause of Death

Badminton Athlete Syabda Perkasa Belawa Killed in Road Accident, Cause of Death
Image Source - Twitter

Indonesian badminton player Syabda Perkasa Belawa died in a vehicle accident on March 20, 2023. Syabda Perkasa Belawa was 22. Early this morning, an accident happened on West Java’s Cipali toll road.

Who was Syabda Perkasa Belawa?

Syabda Perkasa Belawa was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on August 25, 2001. He was a rising star in the Indonesian badminton world, known for his powerful smashes and quick footwork on the court.

He won several national and international titles, including the Indonesian National Championship in 2021. 

Syabda Perkasa Belawa was also a member of the Indonesian national badminton team and was scheduled to compete in several international tournaments in the coming months, including the World Championships and the Asian Games.

How did the accident take place?

According to reports, Syabda Perkasa was driving his car on the Cipali toll road when he lost control and crashed into a concrete barrier.

At the time of the collision, he was the only person in the vehicle. Investigations into the accident’s cause are ongoing.

Police have not disclosed any details about the circumstances leading up to the collision. However, authorities have urged drivers to be cautious on the roads and to always wear seat belts.

The tragic death of Syabda Perkasa Belawa has once again highlighted the importance of road safety and the need for drivers to take extra precautions while driving.

Tributes to Syabda Perkasa Belawa:

News of Syabda Perkasa Belawa’s death has shocked the badminton community in Indonesia and worldwide. The Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI) expressed its condolences on Twitter, saying it was “deeply saddened” by the news.

Many of Syabda Perkasa Belawa’s fellow athletes and fans have also taken to social media to pay tribute to him.

“Rest in peace, Syabda Perkasa. You will always be remembered as a talented badminton player and a wonderful human being,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another wrote: “My heart is broken. Syabda Perkasa was a true inspiration to all of us. He will be greatly missed.”

Syabda Perkasa Belawa’s death is a great loss to the badminton community in Indonesia and the world.

He was a young athlete with a bright future ahead of him, and his tragic passing serves as a sobering reminder of how fleeting life is. During this difficult time, we pray for his family, friends, and loved ones.

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