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Alex Murdaugh, the father of Buster Murdaugh, was found guilty of killing his wife and child.

Buster Murdaugh

In the small town of Hampton, S.C., the Murdaughs are well known. , which is near Savannah, Georgia. The family established a law firm over a century ago, and today it has several dozen lawyers working there, with offices that occupy an entire city block. The Murdaughs’ company is well known, despite the absence of a sign outside. The man who got everything going was Buster Murdaugh’s great-great-grandfather.

Who is Buster Murdaugh?

The oldest son of disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh, Richard Alexander “Buster” Murdaugh is now the only child. He is “living a quiet life with his longtime girlfriend” on Hilton Head Island, S.C, according to Fox News as of November 2022. They were described as a “really nice couple” who always “smile and say hi” by a neighbor. The golden retriever dog that the couple has together, Miller, feels startlingly normal in comparison to everything else going on.

What Happened to Buster Murdaugh?

Buster has been hesitant to take part in this bizarre circus not only because it involves the killings of his mother and brother but also because his father tried to con the system to get a payout for him. Alex Murdaugh reportedly “called police after indicating he had been shot in the head by an unknown truck driver on a backcountry road” on Labor Day 2021, according to The Daily Beast. Later, Alex Murdaugh confessed to the police that he had hired a killer to get an insurance payout that would ultimately go to Buster. The plan obviously failed and only served to increase the long list of accusations already leveled against him. Alex Murdaugh attempted to justify his choice by claiming that he was experiencing opioid withdrawal symptoms following a 20-year opioid addiction.

When his father was on trial, Buster Murdaugh gave a testimony:

In late February 2023, during the murder trial against his father, Buster Murdaugh gave an emotional testimony. The defense called him to the witness stand, and he declared that the deaths of Maggie and Paul had “destroyed” his father. It’s safe to say that Buster Murdaugh’s life has been entirely consumed by the murders of his mother and brother and the trial that followed, in which his father was charged with their killings.

A friend and former classmate of Buster’s from college told People in July 2021 that he is “not doing well at all. They continued, “After everything that happened, he withdrew. Before, he would send a text right away. You could send him a text at any time of day or night, and he would respond because he loved to chat, as if his phone had been surgically implanted in his hand. Now he rarely replies to texts, and when he does, it’s usually with one or two words. It’s clear that he has walled himself off and become very reclusive. “. Alex Murdaugh was found responsible for the deaths of his wife, Maggie and son Paul on March 2, 2023. The jury reached a verdict and declared Alex Murdaugh guilty of the murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh after nearly three hours of deliberation.

Alex Murdaugh was given two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole on March 3, one day later, by Judge Clifton Newman. Many are speculating as to what Buster will do next.

Is Buster Murdaugh a Lawyer?

Buster was allegedly expelled from South Carolina Law School during his second semester of 2019 for plagiarism, according to The Wall Street Journal. Apparently, Buster once had a job at his father’s law firm. But Buster has been involved in a scandal for a while, and now that his father has been given a life sentence in prison, it’s unclear what he will do.

On Feb., Mallory Beach, age 19, died on April 24, 2019, when Paul Murdaugh “drunkenly crashed his boat into a bridge,” according to WTOC. Just hours before the accident, Paul allegedly purchased alcohol from a gas station using Buster’s ID. The Beach family sued Paul, Buster, the estate of Maggie Murdaugh, and Parker’s convenience store a month after their daughter passed away. A judge authorized a settlement in January 2023 for an unspecified sum. This was carried out in return for excluding Buster and Maggie from the lawsuit.

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