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What is Alan Adair Cause of death? Alan Adair Died At 64

Alan Adair Cause of death

The passing of Alan Adair, a true gentleman and a legend of the team, has left the Luton Town Football Club in great sorrow. Keep reading this article to know what happened to him and Alan Adair’s cause of death.

What is Alan Adair Cause of death?

On March 16, 2023, Alan, 64, died peacefully following hospice care. The statement from Alan Adair’s family on Facebook reads as follows. We regret to inform you that our father peacefully passed away yesterday evening at approximately 6 o’clock at Willen Hospice, where he was at ease, our father peacefully passed away. Knowing he is with Clyde, his parents, Larry, his closest friends, and the rest of the family gives us comfort. He has undoubtedly turned on the disco and is getting ready to dance!

How did Alan Adair Die?

Online reports state that Alan passed away following a protracted battle with prostate cancer. On February 17th, 2023, Alan informed his loved ones of his illness in a heartfelt letter. This is the text of the message. God bless you, Alan Adair; that is such sad news. So let’s get started since I don’t want this to become too dramatic. It is time to inform people of my health situation fully. A week after our Queen passed away in September, I received a shocking prostate cancer diagnosis. After numerous blood tests, different scans, biopsies, etc., I was called back a few weeks later and told that cancer had spread to my liver, bones, and pelvis, making it incurable. I would receive daily chemotherapy tablets (4 – 240mg) and three monthly hormone injections, according to their plan for my care.

I was told that if the treatment stopped cancer from spreading, I might have another three to five years to live. I received the results on Tuesday. Cancer has further invaded my liver, and the treatment has failed. There is nothing else they can do for me. They say I only have a few months left, which is true. Even though I missed my beloved Doms last night because of my current struggles, I HAVE to make the most of the time I still have. Unfortunately, I’m mostly just sleeping right now. Sadly, all of the goals, including seeing 2,000 people at Luton games, watching us play in our new stadium, honouring my 70th birthday, etc., have been achieved.

Now, this will literally take a day at a time. My close family is providing me with amazing support. Without Georgina, Deb, Mollie, etc., I couldn’t handle everything. I really want to go to tomorrow’s game between Luton and Burnley, and my cousin Ken Adair is picking me up, driving me there, and then driving me back because I can no longer drive safely. No matter what happens, I kept the promise I made to my father on his deathbed in 1976 by living my life to the fullest. Sorry for the problems. I appreciate it.

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