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How did Angel Fournier Die? The Cuban Rower Died At 34

Angel Fournier Die

At 34, Angel Fournier Rodriguez, the most excellent rower in Cuban history, passed away on March 16. Let’s explore the rower’s cause of death and how he passed away in more detail.

How did Angel Fournier Die?

The first Cuban to win a medal in international jousting, who won the South Korean World Championship, has passed away. This Thursday in the United States, Fournier Rodriguez, the most excellent rower in Cuban history, passed away at age 35 from a heart attack. The Cuban Rowing Federation confirmed his passing. The statement regarding Fournier’s passing has also been posted on the World Rowing Facebook page. The statement reads, “World Rowing is saddened to learn of the death of Cuban rower Angel Fournier Rodriguez. The Pan American Games champion, two-time Olympian, and multiple World Cup medalists was Fournier Rodriguez. The Cuban Rowing Federation, Angel’s family, and all rowing supporters worldwide are sent our condolences. “.

Angel Fournier Rodriguez: Who was he?

On December 31, 1987, in Caimanera, Guantánamo, Angel Fournier Rodriguez was born. Fournier demonstrated his exceptional rowing skills by winning a silver medal at the first Alba Games in Havana in 2005 while still a young man. He made a tactical error in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and finished sixth in his first Olympic competition. In Beijing in 2008, he had previously earned a grade of twelve. In 2014 and 2017, Fournier was selected as one of Cuba’s top 10 competitors. Gold medals from the 2011, 2015, and 2019 Pan American Games and the 2015 World Cup in Slovenia are among his many accomplishments, though the Olympic Games may be where he owes the most.

The most outstanding Cuban rower in history finished seventh in the single sculls in London in 2012. He won the silver medal at the world rowing championships the following year. In the open category, he finished sixth in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. He earned silver in the single sculls at the 2017 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota, Florida. In 2020, Fournier retired from international competition and relocated to the US.

What is Angel Fournier’s Cause of Death?

On March 16, 2023, Angel Fournier Rodriguez suffered a heart attack and passed away. The Cuban Rowing Federation confirmed his passing. The Cuban Rowing Federation has sent the family and friends of the deceased rower a message of sympathy. “For each of us who knew him, it is a painful blow. According to National Rowing Commissioner Angel Luis Garcia, the Federation to which he belonged offers his condolences to his family and friends. In 2020, Fournier asked to leave the Cuban team.

He admitted that in 2019 “I went through a cardiovascular difficulty, but I had already overcome it; after that, I won a gold medal at the Pan American Games in Lima and a bronze medal at the World Cup in Poland,” despite his assurance that he did not seek sick leave due to health issues. Fournier was married to Yusmary Mengana, three-time Pan American champion, and World Cup medalist, with whom he had two children, Ángel Lázaro and Natalia, aged 2 and 5. He intended to restart his career in Dallas, Texas, where he was training and “losing weight,” according to an interview provided to CiberCuba in January.

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